Six Egyptians Detained in Zambia Over Alleged Plane Loaded with $57 Million Cash, 127.2 kg Gold, Narcotics, and Weapons

Six Egyptians Detained in Zambia for Alleged Plane Drug and Cash Scheme

Zambian authorities made a significant bust at Lusaka’s main airport, seizing a plane loaded with narcotics and $57 million in cash, 127.2 kg of gold, and weapons with six Egyptians detained in connection with the incident.

Acting on a tip-off from an international intelligence agency, Zambian officials intercepted the plane, which was reportedly en route from Egypt. Upon inspection, a substantial quantity of drugs was discovered on board, suggesting possible involvement in a wider drug trafficking operation. In addition to the drugs, the plane was carrying a significant amount of US dollars, raising concerns of money laundering.

The arrested Egyptians are believed to be linked to the confiscated contraband and illicit funds. Their identities have not been disclosed as investigations continue. The Egyptian government has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

The incident underscores the ongoing challenges posed by cross-border criminal activities, necessitating international cooperation among law enforcement agencies. As investigations proceed, more details are anticipated to emerge regarding the scope and scale of this operation.

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