An Exclusive Look at Shahid’s Upcoming Series Waad Iblees

An Exclusive Look at Shahid's Upcoming Series Waad Iblees

The upcoming Shahid series “Waad Iblees” (The Devil’s Promise) is a 6-part psychological thriller series that revolves around a man who sells his soul to save the woman he loves, starring Amr Youssef and Aisha Ben Ahmed.

Other than Amr Youssef and Aisha Ben Ahmed, the cast of “Waad Iblis” has a star-studded team, including Fathi Abdel Wahab, Nelly Karim, American star Paula Ballan, Ahmed Magdy, and Jacob Al-Farhan.

An Exclusive Look at Shahid's Upcoming Series Waad Iblees
Aisha Ben Ahmed at Waad Iblees

The series is directed by the British director Colin Teague, with who Aisha expressed her excitement over their first collaboration.

She said:

“Colin is a pure filmmaker. He was working on this series just like any other film he’s worked on, not as a series.”

The series was filmed in many places, including the pyramids and the streets of Cairo at night, and included scenes by a stunt team who worked in the “Mission Impossible” films series.

The series is bilingual, with 30% in English and 70% in Arabic, as confirmed by British director Colin Teague.

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