Egyptian Court holds First Online Hearing Session

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An Alexandrian court held the first online hearing session on Thursday, in an attempt by the Ministry of Justice to advance courts with digital transformation and cut back in-person presence amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes after the Minister of Justice’s decision to close the Egyptian courts for 2 months as a result of COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

This transfer aims at facilitating the judiciary services for Egyptians and lowering the congestion within the courts.

This is a preventive and precautionary measure to control the virus spread.

The Alexandria court has outfitted 30 halls allocated for misdemeanour cases with digital units, and 6 different halls for the pretrial detention.

The online session, which was held on a pretrial detention case, was attended by Minister of Justice Omar Marwan to examine it before applying this new service within the courts nationwide.

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