Passant Khaled’s Harassers have been Arrested in Gharbeya, Egypt

بسنت خالد

According to Youm7, the Gharbia Security Directorate, in coordination with the Public Security Directorate, managed to arrest two people accused in the Passant Khaled incident.

17-year-old Passant was a victim of fake images and electronic extortion through social media on Facebook.

The search team’s efforts formed under the leadership of the Public Security Directorate resulted in identifying the hiding places of the accused, “Ibrahim. A” and “Abdul Hamid. Sh”. The necessary legal measures are being taken and the presentation on the prosecution.

The village of Kafr Yaqoub in the district of the Kafr El-Zayat Center in Gharbia Governorate witnessed the death of a girl in her second decade after consuming a chemical tablet used to preserve crops, the “toxic yield pill.” The circulation of her image through the people of the village.

More on the story can be found here.

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بسنت خالد

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