Humidity In Egypt: 10 Ways To Protect Yourself

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This summer in Egypt, we all suffer from high temperatures and dry times, but it seems nothing compared to high humidity. It is the worst thing ever. Undoubtedly, every one of us is quite aware of this fact. Egypt witnesses the hot season from May to October. People everywhere sweat a lot and feel hot and uncomfortable if there is too much moisture in the air. It may also cause respiratory problems, sleep interruption, and dry allergy. 

If you’re like us, don’t sweat it, we got some tips to help you with the increasing humidity in Egypt!

Try to open windows or use air conditioners

Some people tend to open the windows because they prefer the breath of fresh air and some don’t, they prefer to use air conditioners. 

Both ways help in reducing the humidity level to some extent. 

Be careful of plants in your house!

If your home is full of plants, move them outside because it will increase the humidity. Instead, you can put plants that help remove moisture from the air, like Boston ferns, or even plastic plants.

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Humidity In Egypt

Fix any leaking pipes, but don’t try to fix it by yourself

As most Egyptians do, if there is any leak, we try to fix it by ourselves, which makes things go worse, leaking pipes will add moisture, and that is the last thing you want to have if you want to reduce the humidity level. 

So, please call the plumber immediately if you have leaking pipes.

Get a dehumidifier at your home

It will remove moisture from air when it passes through it, a portable one will do the job. 

Avoid taking hot showers.

Our grandmothers and mothers always advised us to take a hot rather than a cool shower, but that is incorrect. 

It would be best to take a cool shower, as hot showers increase the humidity level. 

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Humidity In Egypt

Run exhaust fans in your home. 

This tip, especially for women who spend most of the day in the kitchen, will help remove moisture when you have to cook or shower. 

Dry your clothes

Most women hang small wet clothes in the bathroom. Please don’t hang wet clothes inside the house. You can use a dryer or hang your clothes outside to avoid increasing moisture. 

Avoid boiling water on humid days.

When we boil water, some of it turns into steam. Then it will be absorbed by the rest of the air in the house. Therefore, avoid boiling water on these humid days. 

Wear light-colored moisture-wicking clothing

On hot and humid days, you must wear loose, cotton clothing to keep you cool and avoid wearing tight jeans. 

So, to all people who suffer from humidity, we feel you and we’ve decided to give you tips to protect yourself from increasing humidity levels in Egypt? 

What do you think?

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