Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022

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This article is for people who want to stay productive in 2022. We will let you know all about the best Planners in Egypt for 2022. Yes, we know people prefer using the reminder app on their phone, but some prefer using a notebook to write down their thoughts, goals, track habits, draw, and vent out.

A new year is all about new plans and resolutions to rock our year. You do not have unreachable goals but realistic goals based on your perspective. You should be aiming to stop bad habits and start tracking new healthy habits to stay with you for the rest of your life. 

1) Mofakera 

They are known for their amazing yearly planners that everyone wants to have. Their 2022 planners come in 5 unique designs; Zodiac Galaxy, Girl Power, Retro Classic, Love Spring, and Pastel Tie Dye. 

We are in love with their gift box with 10 items; 432 Page Agenda, memory book, pencil case, monthly planner, year planner, to-do List, stickers book, 2 coasters, bookmark, gift card, and gift paper. You can also order the Agenda, which will come with a bookmark, gift card, and gift paper. 

The agenda is divided quarterly to have different vibes and other goals, and the memory book has a space to add pictures for every great memory you have in your year. You can order the planner through their website. You will also find it in almost all bookstores and Virgin Megastores in Egypt. They are also sold in KSA, UAE, and Palestine. 

The whole gift box is 275EGP, and the Agenda is 125EGP. 

Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022

2) The Happiness Factory

They truly changed the planner game this year. Their 2022 planners are all about self-care and loving ourselves. They want us to stop making unrealistic goals and START NOW and take action. The agenda also helps in making a balance between work-life and well-being.  Therefore, the agenda comes in 365 undated pages that focus on self-reflection and wellness content to start new healthy habits and goals. 

They come in 3 boxes; the first is the Mental Health Box, which costs 370EGP, 2022  Daily Self Agenda, bookmark, desk calendar, silver pen, to-do list, happiness Box 36 messages, 2 coasters, stickers, gift card, and a hardcover box. It comes in the Peaceful Dove and Workmate designs and an English form. 

Secondly, the Organizer Gift Box costs 370EGP. It comes in an organizer with boxes inside that contain, Agenda with 352 pages, bookmark, calendar, to-do-list divided into 2 sections 84 pages, happiness box with 36 handwritten tips on paper, 2 coasters, 2 stickers sheets, gift card, messages from Content Creators, silver pen with “Take an action” engraved. It comes in three designs; Rose, Al Yamamah, and Soft Gold design and in an Arabic form.

You can also buy the Agenda alone for 220EGP. 

You can get it from their website, Jumia and The Giftery. 

Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022
Arabic Version
Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022
English Version

3) The Write Concept

Their planners are just minimalistic and fancy. They will motivate you to use them and carry the notebook everywhere with you. The notebook itself contains everything that you will need; bucket list, goal tracker, a double-Sided folder/pocket, 2022 holidays & celebrations, yearly calendar for 2022 & 2023, finance/savings tracker, monthly tabs, monthly calendar spreads for January – December 2022, weekly spreads for 2022, to-do lists, shopping/grocery list, lined notes, sketches (dotted), good deed challenge, and social media detox challenge. The Planner costs 450EGP. 

They also launched a Pocket Planner, which costs 220EGP and contains 2022 holidays & celebrations, a yearly calendar for 2022 & 2023, lined notes, monthly calendar spreads for January-December 2022, weekly spreads for 2022. You can order both planners through their website

A tribute to all the Angels that parted our world too soon. A part of your payment will contribute to providing infant incubators for the less fortunate

The Write Concept
Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022

4) Nootah

Nootah said that they focused on making us feel at home and enjoy the smallest moments this year. Their notebook comes in a very minimalistic vintage design made with recycled paper. Their 2022 planners come in two versions; The New Year Box + Nootah, which costs 350EGP and comes with a desk calendar, wooden desk stand with a place for a mug/plant, and mobile/pen holder, pottery mug, daily Nootah for your wellness, waterproof Sticker Sheet. 

You can also get the 2022 New Year Box costs 300EGP and comes with a desk calendar, a wooden desk stand with a place for a mug/plant and mobile/pen holder, and a pottery mug. You can order it through their website.

Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022

5) Carbon

This one is the ultimate pick for horoscope lovers. It comes in 12 different designs for each horoscope. Their box comes with a 250-page Agenda, weekly planner, yearly planner, blue pen, 2 sticker sheets, 2 coasters, bookmark, gift card. The box costs 230EGP. You can also get the agenda and the weekly planner for 130EGP. You can order it through their Facebook and Instagram.

Your Guide for the Best Planners in Egypt for 2022

Here are other notebooks that we also love. They come in gorgeous colors and designs that will instantly make you fall in love with Noota, Space, Memoir, Dawenha & H2Do

We wish you an amazing year with achieved goals and happy endless memories! 

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