Dr. Zahi Hawass announces a new surprise for those who are in love with the Egyptian Culture

Dr. Zahi Hawass announces a new surprise for those who are in love with the Egyptian Culture

On July 11th, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the world-renowned Archaeologist and Former Minister of State for Antiques Affairs, surprised everyone with a new announcement.

Still, this time, it’s not about new Egyptian discoveries. Instead, it’s a gift for Egyptians themselves, especially those fond of Egyptian culture. 

A post that went all over his social media platform, with the announcement of courses about learning & speaking the old Egyptian language. The course is sponsored by Dr. Zahi Hawwas and the children institute.

What are these courses aiming for? 

These exclusive courses will be under the new campaigns ( Etakalm Masri- talk Egyptian) and ( Ekteb Masri-write Egyptian), which aims to make new generations -like kids and teenagers-, and old generations learn and know more about the old-Egyptian language and how to read it.

Who is welcomed to go through these kinds of courses? 

You probably think that archaeology, history students/graduates, and tour guides are the only beneficiaries, but you’re wrong!

Because it’s actually for everyone and anyone, but the only requirement is that you should have the excitement to learn and know about the Egyptian culture, so if you’re a student/expert in history or archaeology, a tourist guide, or if you’re just a normal resident, you’re welcomed to the party!

What are the courses specifically about? 

Different topics of Egyptology will be studied with the help of many experts and professors from different sections, such as learning Egyptian alphabets, propositions, places, numbers, the magic of love in the ancient Egyptian language, ancient Egypt myths and stories, how to read symbols and paintings like an expert, reading old Egyptians books professionally like: pyramids texts, coffin texts, and also the book of dead which is one of the mysterious, amazing books you will ever read in your life, and many more fields available to learn about this wide culture!

Dr. Zahi Hawass announces a new surprise for those who are in love with the Egyptian Culture
A standard illustration in Egyptian books of the dead.

Dr. Hawass announced that he would attend the first lecture of the course talking about the last discoveries he made, and Dr. Ahmed Badran, the antiques and old-Egyptian language professor in the faculty of antiques at Cairo University, will take the lead in the educating and learning process to those who will join the course. 

No details are discussed yet, but only announcements. However, Hawass asked his followers to keep in touch with any new updates soon, and booking for your place will be after Eid Al-Adha. 

Are you eager to study Egyptology and the old-Egyptian language with Dr.Zahi Hawass?

What do you think?


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