D-CAF’s Arab Arts Focus to host ISPA’s first-ever event in the Arab World

D-CAF’s Arab Arts Focus to host ISPA’s first-ever event in the Arab World

The tenth edition of D-CAF will hold the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA) first-ever event in the Arab World as part of its Arab Arts Focus program. The ISPA Talk Series will explore the “Arts and Borders” issue through panel discussions and workshops organized by leading professionals in the field. The talks, which will take place from October 28 to 29, will cover subjects significant to both local and international artists with interest in the dynamic cultural scene of the Arab World.

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF)

ISPA, one of the world’s biggest networks of performing arts professionals, was established in 1948. To strengthen performing arts internationally, the network’s more than 500 top arts executives work together to develop leadership skills, identify and discuss industry trends, and enhance cross-cultural exchange through the arts. Orient Productions, a longtime member of ISPA, is one of the many presenters, performing arts organizations, artist managers, competitions, funders, and other persons and groups engaged in the performing arts.

Ahmed El Attar, the founder and artistic director of D-CAF and the first Egyptian to serve on the ISPA board, revealed that Orient and ISPA have been negotiating to host this joint talk series for several years. The COVID-19 epidemic caused the event to be postponed from its original 2020 date. El Attar stated that the collaboration marks “a very important milestone because it’s crucial to develop linkages between the local industry and networks like ISPA,” as the series is finally scheduled to premiere. This kind of network can provide doors for local venues, programmers, and artists are highly significant.

The series will begin on October 28 with two informative discussions about touring Arab artists abroad and touring Arab countries. Speakers will discuss the real and perceived obstacles that prevent Arab and international artists from collaborating, such as funding, language barriers, and travel restrictions, and will provide examples of how artists have creatively and successfully overcome these challenges. The second talk will expose and correct misconceptions about the region, investigate the challenges of cross-Arab collaboration and shed light on ways to merge divisions and promote artistic cooperation in the Arab World.

The two seminars will take place on October 28 in the Oriental Hall of the AUC Tahrir Cultural Center. From 10 to 11:15 am, “Touring Arab Artists Abroad” will be presented. From 11:45 am to 1 pm, “Touring Arab Countries” will be discussed.

The 2020 New York ISPA Congress’s discussion theme was Art and Borders, a prestigious conference that gathers annually to discuss key developments and trends in the performing arts world. A panel discussion with the same title will take place on October 29th, reflecting on how the past two years have reshaped global perspectives on cross-border exchange. Speakers will shed light on how performing arts can reshape the concept of boundaries, whether national, disciplinary, or interpersonal frameworks, revisiting the subject from a new angle.

The “Art and Borders” panel discussion will take place from 10 to 11:15 a.m. on October 29 at the AUC Tahrir Cultural Center’s Orient Hall.

We can’t wait to see all the art enthusiasts there!

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