Break the Toxic Masculinity: 4 Habits Egyptian Men Need to Get into

2020 is the year of change — the year of wokeness if you will. As men, however, we can’t claim to be woke if we are drowning ourself in toxic masculinity.

Break the Toxic Masculinity: 4 Habits Egyptian Men Need to Get into

Have you ever wanted to do something, or take care of yourself in a way, but didn’t because it was deemed “unmanly” because of toxic masculinity?

According to Merriam Webster, manliness is defined as having qualities associated with a man. Sometimes we find ourselves in need of doing things traditionally “unmanly”.

However, should we feel guilty?

Would it make me less of a man if I did any of these things?

2020 is the year of change — the year of wokeness if you will. However, as men, we can’t claim to “be woke” if we are drowning ourselves in toxic masculinity. We need some self-love too!

You can start by getting yourself into these simple everyday habits that will drastically change your life, and break the toxic masculinity.


I do not understand why skincare is so gendered. Everyone deserves clear, moisturised skin.
Aside from the occasional face masks and scrubs at the barber’s shop.

Have you ever purchased a facial cleanser, eye cream, or god forbid a moisturiser?

It can be quite empowering to feel good about appearance.

And while skincare does not drastically change the way someone looks, it might make them feel like they are in control.

How is that an unmanly thing?

Keeping a diary

It might seem like a teen thing to write down life events and happenings in a journal.

Perhaps cinema and TV are to blame for that impression they drew over the years with teenage girls writing about their love life.

But this can be great for mental health. Something as simple as a review of your day leads you to reflect, which essentially makes you a more productive person.

Showing your emotions

“Be a man, don’t cry”.



And many more phrases encouraging you to mask your emotions and put up a fake front.
Sure, be a walking bomb.

Make your loved ones walk on eggshells because they do not know when you will explode. How does dishonesty account for manliness? It just doesn’t make sense!

It takes courage to own up to your feelings. If you do not feel comfortable showing your emotions, fine, you have all the right to. But do not do it out of manliness.

Performing house chores (cooking – cleaning – etc.)

“Si El Sayed”, the Egyptian translation of Toxic Masculinity. Unfortunately, our culture encourages men to sit around while women take care of everything that needs to be done around the house.

Well, part of being a man is to be helpful. And overall, resourceful and capable.

It will be a shame not to know your way around your house if you do not live with your family for whatever reason.
Plus, it’s been said that it is an attractive quality by many women. ?

Don’t give in to the stereotypes.

Enjoy what life has to offer and worry less about what people think of what you do, even if it is labelled as unmanly.

Be the man you aspire to be, not the man they think you should be.

What do you think?


Written by El-Shai's Interns

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