A Teacher Taunts Former Student and Continues to Bully her on Facebook

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Amidst all the negativity that’s been happening recently, I took it upon myself to not write, or even publish, anything negative today. We all needed some positivity, and that was the plan; publish positive articles. But then, I came across this Facebook post, and oh boy…

Where do we even begin?


For those who are too lazy to read or watch what’s in this post, we’ll summarise it for you.

A girl innocently shared this post, implying that most math teachers are bullies. Her math teacher, however, tried to dispute this. How, you might ask? By bullying her ex-student, of course.


As of writing this article, the teacher deleted her Facebook account, so the comments can’t be seen. However, screenshots are posted by Jomana, the bullied student, and we assure you that, sadly, they aren’t fake as we’ve seen them ourselves before the account was deleted.

In short, Wegdan, Jomana’s math teacher, commented on Jomana’s post and started attacking her by claiming that Jomana was “stupid” and didn’t want to hear the truth.

Wegdan was Jomana’s teacher from grade 2, all the way to grade 11. She taught her in school, as well as in private lessons.

Wegdan, the adult, the teacher and the supposed role model, told Jomana, her ex-student that she needs a therapist because of her personal issues caused by her parents’ separation, leading Jomana to explain herself in a video, which she didn’t need to do!

Wegdan then proceeded to try to defend herself and claim that she was asked to discipline Jomana cause no one else did when she was younger and that she saw her more than her parents did.

This led to Jomana, again, explaining herself in the video and saying that she was loved as a child and that she had no issues with the separation of her parents. Again, she did not need to explain herself. Jomana even went as far to explain that she is not delusional because Wegdan did this with other students as well.

Wegdan then proceeds to claim that Jomana has communication issues, which the student says she has minor social anxiety which is not affecting her life majorly. She’s unsure why she’s claiming this.

In the comments, Jomana kept calling out Wegdan on the abuse she put her through, and Wegdan kept taunting her former student by laughing at her and even saying that she doesn’t care about those who were traumatised by her, she only cares about the 10% who loved her. Which we highly doubt even exist.

And no, these comments aren’t “she said, she said” sort of thing. These are actual comments by the teacher to her student’s Facebook account!

Many of Jomana’s former classmates, and even teachers, came into her defence, with several echoing everything Jomana said.

We don’t even need to know the details of the abuse and trauma she put her students through to understand what sort of person Wegdan is. Her comments on this post were more than enough. She got out of her way to comment on her former student’s post, without even being mentioned.

I would use the argument of even if her student was wrong, she’s the adult in the situation and should deal with it better, but even the student wasn’t at fault. Not at all!

In the 14 minutes video, Jomana lists all sorts of abuse she and her classmates endured from Wegdan — physically and mentally.

Here’s a list of abuse claims Jomana said in the video:

  • During their private lessons, even when the students were as young as being in grade 2, she would scream at them so bad to the point of Jomana’s classmate’s mother asking the teacher to calm down.
  • She would pinch and scratch all the students.
  • She would pull Jomana’s hair, and always bully the girl about it.
  • She threw the notebook of Jomana’s classmate in the middle of the class and told her to go grab it. When the classmate’s mother made a complaint to the school, the bullying from the teacher got worse.
  • She would call students stupid and force others to laugh at anyone who’s made a mistake.
  • The only time Jomana stood up for herself, the teacher took the students and left her house to finish the lesson in another student’s home instead. She told Jomana she won’t come back unless her parents “beg” for it.

Again, we don’t know the exact details of the abuse the students went through, but many agreed to what Jomana said. Even when Jomana brought up the abuse to Wegdan, she never denied it.

Wegdan is now a teaching staff at Pharos University in Alexandria, and so far the university made no statements about the issue.

We urge everyone to contact them so no student can go through this abuse again.

Her name is Dr. Wegdan Wagdy El-Nadoury




We need to stop the cycle!

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of El-Shai.com and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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