50 Years of Hip-Hop: Spotify Unveils Top Egyptian Hip-Hop Lists in Celebration

50 Years of Hip-Hop: Spotify Unveils Egypt's Top Hip-Hop Lists in Celebration

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, has launched the Hip-Hop Turns Fifty Hub. This destination offers users access to all the data-driven and editorially curated playlists, as well as dedicated shelves for the 50 most-streamed rappers and Hip-Hop albums on Spotify. Among the playlists available is the best of Egyptian Hip-Hop, Melouk El Scene.

Hip-Hop was born in New York 50 years ago and continues to have a global influence on music and culture. In honor of its legacy, Spotify explores the genre’s impact in Egypt.

Hip-Hop is the second most popular genre in Egypt

In 2023, Hip-Hop has become the second most-streamed genre among Egyptians, following pop closely. Furthermore, Egypt has rapidly established itself as the second leading country in the Arab world for streaming Hip-Hop music. The popularity surge is exemplified by the remarkable growth of Melouk El Scene, Spotify’s destination playlist for Egyptian Hip-Hop since 2019. The playlist’s streaming skyrocketed, experiencing an incredible increase of nearly 3,900%. This year, 26% of all music streams on Spotify in Egypt are Hip-Hop music.

Egyptian Hip-Hop’s regional and global footprint

Egyptian Hip-Hop artists have made their mark on the regional and global stage with their incredible talent and infectious beats. According to Spotify data, the genre-bending artist Wegz is the top-streamed Arab Hip-Hop artist of all time in the Arab world and the most-streamed Egyptian Hip-Hop artist outside of Egypt. Marwan Moussa and Marwan Pablo hold the 3rd and 4th spots, respectively, on the top Arab Hip-Hop artists list in MENA and feature in the 2nd and 3rd spots on the most-streamed Egyptian Hip-Hop artists list outside of Egypt.

Egyptian Hip-Hop’s innovation and authenticity have not only provided a creative outlet for artists but also stimulated discussions and paved the way for a more diverse music scene in Egypt and the entire region. This is evident in the top-streamed regional Hip-Hop songs list, which features three Egyptian tracks in the top 5: “Freedom Music: Scene Cypher 3” by FL EX, Husayn, Lil Noby, Tommy, and Wingii, “LELLY YAH” by Marwan Pablo, and “MESAMA3EEN” by FL EX and Husayn showcasing a range of styles and voices.

Newcomers rising in the local Hip-Hop scene

By infusing traditional Egyptian rhythms and melodies with modern beats and rap verses, Hip-Hop has preserved its roots while still appealing to younger audiences. FL EX, an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist, has taken the 5th spot in Egypt’s top-streamed Hip-Hop artist list, alongside Husayn, Wingii, Mousv, and Muhab, who have also found a place in the top 10 list.

The efforts of newcomers are also seen in the top-streamed Egyptian Hip-Hop songs, with “Freedom Music: Scene Cypher 3” by FL EX, Husayn, Lil Noby, Tommy, and Wingii becoming the most-streamed Egyptian Hip-Hop song in 2023. This was followed by “MESAMA3EEN” by FL EX and Husayn. Husayn shows up again in the 4th spot with his collaboration with Abo El Anwar in “Blanco,” and El Waili and Karim Osama take the 5th spot with their viral track, “Nazlet Seman.”

“In the heart of the Arab world, where ancient oral traditions mix with modern rhythms, Hip-Hop has emerged as a formidable force for self-expression. Initially, it served as a platform for marginalized voices, documenting both struggles and triumphs. Today, Hip-Hop is the second most-streamed genre in Egypt, and its influence is felt in every aspect of culture, from cinema to fashion, making it a household name. With our Hip-Hop Turns 50 Hub, we are celebrating Egyptian and Arab Hip-Hop and the creators who have redefined the genre and inspired us with their stories,” said Mark Abou Jaoude, Head of Music for Spotify MENA.

The month-long hub boasts over 40 Global Hip-Hop playlists, each representing different eras, regions, and trends, providing a comprehensive view of the genre’s growth over the past half-century.

Hip-Hop fanatics can also revel in other Arab Hip-Hop playlists like ABATERA, the largest urban playlist in Morocco; Rap El Khaleej, offering the freshest Khaleeji Hip-Hop tracks; and Arab Hip-Hop, showcasing the finest rap tracks from all corners of the region. Furthermore, they can explore the rich flavors of rap from different parts of the world through playlists like Rap 91, highlighting the best of Hip-Hop in India, and KrOWN, featuring the freshest K-Hip Hop tracks, among others.

Check out the most popular Egyptian Hip-Hop artists and tracks, both in Egypt and overseas.

Top Egyptian Hip-Hop Artists in Egypt in 2023:

  1. Wegz
  2. Marwan Moussa
  3. Marwan Pablo
  4. Afroto
  5. FL EX

Top Egyptian Hip-Hop Tracks in Egypt in 2023:

  1. Freedom Music: Scene Cypher 3” by FL EX, Husayn, Lil Noby, Tommy, Wingii
  2. MESAMA3EEN” by FL EX, Husayn
  3. LELLY YAH” by Marwan Pablo
  4. Blanco” by Abo El Anwar, Husayn
  5. Nazlet Seman” by El Waili , Karim Osama

Top Egyptian Hip-Hop Artists Outside of Egypt in 2023:

  1. Wegz
  2. Marwan Moussa
  3. Marwan Pablo
  4. Afroto
  5. Husayn

Top Arab Hip-Hop Artists of All Time in the Arab World:

  1. Wegz
  2. ElGrandeToto
  3. Marwan Moussa
  4. Marwan Pablo
  5. Tagne

Top Arab Hip-Hop Songs in 2023 across the Arab World:

  1. Freedom Music: Scene Cypher 3” by FL EX, Husayn, Lil Noby, Tommy, and Wingii
  2. Qui sait ?” by Niro featuring ElGrandeToto
  3. M3a L3echrane” by Dizzy DROS
  4. LELLY YAH” by Marwan Pablo
  5. MESAMA3EEN” by FL EX, Husayn

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