4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet’s Service

4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

Unfortunately, Amazon is deactivating Alexa, its internet-tracking service unrelated to the smart speaker of the same name. 

The service, which goes by the full title Alexa Internet, monitors traffic as visitors browse around a webpage to see how successful it is. It does so through installed programs on a small number of web browsers or when websites choose to install the software on their own.

However, as much as we do love Alexa, we need to find an alternative in order to keep our work and businesses organized, but is it actually possible to find alternatives for Alexa?

Well, as always, El-Shai team got your back and got you alternatives for Alexa to use for web traffic information, metrics, and analytics provider: 

  1. SimilarWeb 
4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

SimilarWeb is a business-oriented website that offers web analytics services. The company provides its customers with data on their clients’ and competitors’ website traffic levels, referral sources, keyword analysis, and webpage “stickiness” (e.g., duration on-site, website visits, and high bounce).

 It elaborates information from a panel of website visitors who enable it to track their web activity, as well as direct measurements for a subset of internet assets, such as websites’ traffic statistics, similar to Alexa Internet. 

link for the website: https://www.similarweb.com/

  1. Site Rank Data 
4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

‘Site Rank Data describes historical and current website rank data and analysis. Investigate the most popular websites using keywords, domain extensions, or ranking changes. Find possible Internet partners or rivals by conducting competitive or industry research.

link for the website: https://siterankdata.com/

  1. Website Informer 
4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

Website Informer is the most comprehensive tool for determining the authority and popularity of websites you visit. 

While viewing a website, Website Informer allows you to uncover essential statistics about it. This widget displays a website’s traffic rank, daily visits rate, page views, and other metrics in real-time. 

You can use the Website Informer addon for free in online marketing, backlinks, and ad partnership prospecting.

link for the website: http://websiteinformer.com/

  1. Quantcast 
4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

Quantcast is a corporation that specializes in advertising technologies on a global scale. It is the makers of a unique and creative, intelligent audience platform that enables brands, agencies, and publishers to better understand and grow their audiences by addressing them at the correct time and place.

 Consumers benefit as a result of our customers’ success. We’re enabling a free and open internet for everyone by working together.

link for the website: https://www.quantcast.com/

  1. Visit Rank 
4 Alternatives for Alexa Internet's Service

Visit Rank is a website ranking that requires no clicks. More than 350 million web domains and subdomains are covered. 

Visit Rank for Chrome reveals the number of times a website has been viewed, allowing you to verify its popularity without having to make a single click or stopping your workflow.

 Information about traffic rankings is delivered in an automated and non-distracting manner. Also, well-known domains and the long tail are both covered in detail.

link for the website: https://www.visitrank.com/

But finally, we have to mention it, Alexa’s internet tracking service will leave a huge gap in many businesses such as Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Google, but do you think they’ll find a substitute that matches Alexa’s benefits?

What do you think?

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