8 Underrated Ramadan Series in 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss

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Every Ramadan comes with millions of series options to watch during the holy month. And we all get lost and confused and can’t decide which series we should watch and which we shouldn’t. So it ends up choosing 3 or 4 series that we keep watching all over the month even if their hype was over.

And the hassle makes us miss some really good Ramadan series that we should have watched.

So here is our list of the underrated Ramadan series 2022 and how people reacted to them

1- Gezerit Ghamam

Which mix can be better than superb acting performance, creatively crafted story and script, and amazing artistic picture and cinematography? Yeah, they are all here in the Gezerit Ghamam series with a very niche audience sharing their opinion on Twitter.

People loved the feelings they felt while watching the series. As it has a well-balanced storyline between Love and Peace, Evil, Seduction, and Beauty

And others liked the picture and cinematography

Gezerit Ghamam stars Tarek Lotfy, Mai Ezz Eldin, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Amin, and Ryad El Khouly. It revolves around events happening 100 years ago, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal (Naguib Zahy Zarkash / El Qahera Cabul) and directed by Hussein El Menbawy.

The series is shown on Watchit, Shahid, Alhayah

2- Wogoh

Wogoh series is one of the best series this year. We can undoubtedly consider Wogoh as the best acting performance in the Ramadan drama season this year and it has a perfectly crafted storyline.

People were truly impressed by Hana Motawie’s performance in the series.

Wogoh stars Hanan Motawie, Mahmoud Moghny, Hala Fakher, Abed Anani, Nourhan, Rania Mallah, and Tamer Farag. It is a tale of 2 stories, 15 episodes for each. The first story is Wesh Talet, written by Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, and directed by Moataz Hossam Eldin, and the second story is Metaverse written by Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and directed by Ahmed Hassan.

The series is shown on Al Nahar tv.

3- El 3a2edon

El 3a2edon series was one of the most anticipated Ramadan series this year. But when Ramadan started, people missed it and started watching other series that are going viral every day choosing to prefer the trendy over quality. However, El 3a2edon is one of the best series this year from storyline to acting to music.

People who watched it are considering it underrated as well although, it didn’t ever lose its pace.

El 3a2edon stars Amir Karara, Mahmoud Abdel Moghni, and Amina Khalil, with many guest stars featured. The events are a secret Egyptian intelligence story and how the Egyptian intelligence dealt with the hidden hands. Written by Baher Dowidar and directed by Ahmed Nader Galal.

The series is shown on Watchit, Dmc, Dmc drama

4- Enheraf

Enheraf series is based on a true story discussing the uterus hire. The series was one of the most anticipated series in Ramadan 2022 and Rogena’s fans were not let down.

People considered Enheraf series one of the best Ramadan series this year as they loved Rogena’s acting, the writing, and the story.

Enheraf stars Rogena, Samiha Ayoub, Ahmed Fouad Selim, and others. The series is written by Mostafa Shoheib , directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz. And it is aired on El Nahar tv.

5- El Maddah (Ostoret Elwady)

Returning after a great and successful season 1, El Maddah in season 2 is way better. We loved the acting performances, visual effects, and the writing of season 2.

People took it on social media and they considered Hamada Helal the best actor in Ramadan 2022 with the series El Maddah and he keeps impressing them. 

One said that he always waits for each episode to watch it immediately.

El Maddah stars Hamada Hilal, Heba Magdy, Walaa Elshrif, Ahmed Bedier, Khaled Sarhan, Mohamed Ezz, and others. It revolves around the character (Saber), who is adopted by an imam, but after he decides to take another path toward magic and sorcery. Written by Amin Gamal, Walid Abo Elmagd, Sherif Yousry, and Directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

The series will be streamed on Shahid and MBC Masr.

6- Meen Aal

We don’t see an Egyptian teen drama every day. I even can’t remember when was the last time I watched an Egyptian teen drama. And Meen Aal series is not just a teen drama, however, it is an important series that discusses teens’ issues and the challenges they face in their life putting them into a competition with the old mentalities.

Moreover, the series features multiple rising talents that would be big stars in the near future definitely.

People were wondering why it didn’t take the space it deserves from the social media everyday talks and trends.

And they were sad when they recognized that it is a 15-episode series.

Meen Aal stars Ahmed Dash, Amira Adeeb, Hana Daoud, Elham Safieddine, Tarnim Hany Nan, Youssef Gabriel, Marawan Waleed, and Youssef meselhy. The series discusses the problems faced by young people over the age of 18. Written by Mohammed El Henawi, directed by Nadine Khan, and produced by E producers.

The series is streamed on Shahid and MBC Masr.

7- Donia Tanya

The series “Donia Tanya” was trending since its first episode in Ramadan and its pace continued rising to be one of the best Ramadan series this year discussing an important social issue like Incest.

The viewers loved Laila Eloui in her role Donia and they enjoyed the events of the story.

Donia Tanya revolves around a school principal, Donia Salem who was shocked after her son drowned, and the other son lost the ability to talk due to the shock. The series stars Laila Eloui, Ashraf Zaki, Magdy Kamel, Wafaa Sadek, Mai Selim, and others. The series is written by Amin Gamal and directed by Ahmed Abdel Aal.

8- Dayman Amer

Dayman Amer series has a story that is new to us. It discusses the problems of the Egyptian educational system and it has other important issues regarding the children under 18. Yeah, it tells the untold stories.

Yet, it didn’t go viral on social media, however, people still like it and loved the acting performance of Mostafa Shaaban, Cynthia Khalifa, Myrna Noureldin, and Mohamed Tharwat in it.

Dayman Amer stars Mostafa Shaaban, Lebleba, Mirna Nour El-Din, Cynthia Khalifeh, Karim Afifi, Samaa Ibrahim, Ahmed El Shamy, Amr Abdel Gelil. It discusses the problems of education in Egypt. Mustafa Shaaban in the role of Mr. Amer, a social supervisor in a school. Written by Magdy El Hawary and Ayman Selim and directed by Magdy El Hawary.

The series is shown on OnTv, On drama, Alhayah.

In the end, don’t let the hassle waste you on these series. Watch them and tell us what you think.

What do you think?


Written by Omar Bakry

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