Top 2 Facebook Mental Health Communities Where you can Safely share your Stories

Top 2 Facebook Mental Health Communities Where you can Safely share your Stories

In World Mental Health Day, it’s proved that the more people talk about mental health, the more the level of literacy on the issue improves, the more stigma is overcome and problems dealt with.

On Facebook, there are many big communities where people can safely share their thoughts and experiences.

We got for you the top 2 mental health communities on Facebook in Egypt.

1- Msh Lwahdk

Created in April of 2017, Msh Lwahdk for engagement and mental support is the first community of its kind in the Arab region to provide a safe space for its members to share their personal problems and seek help online. Today, the group has more than 361.6K members and operates predominantly in Arabic.

More details? Let’s Go

Msh Lwahdk is dedicated to providing psychological and medical support to those in need through a system of volunteerism. Some of its main goals are:

  1. Link psychologists and patients to each other.
  2. Remove the stigma around mental health and actively works on teaching members about mental health issues and ways to deal with them.

They also greatly use the interactive features of Facebook by letting members share their issues with the group and receiving advice or emotional support from other members.

But for Privacy, the Group has strict Rules

The group is also keen on protecting the privacy and safety of its members, which is why it has put strict rules in place that any incoming member has to agree to in order to enter the group. Rules:

  1. Members have to agree to never screenshot or share private content in the group elsewhere.
  2. Members are also asked to never prescribe any medication and to avoid linking religion to mental health issues.
  3. Members are also advised to stay kind and polite in their interactions with the group.
  4. A zero-tolerance policy for any kind of racism also exists.

2- Golden Years Community Egypt

This Mental health community was launched back in September 2020 with the goal of serving seniors in all their needs., and now it reached 6.6K members.

On the Social side, the group is a great destination for elderly Facebook members to have an online community where they can connect and make new friends. They are also given the chance to share any inquiries they have about :

  1. Health care, and products
  2. Social and cultural activities.
  3. Receive advice or recommendation from other members who have more experience on the matter.

Group members can post in either Arabic or English and have the option of sharing stories anonymously. Others who are also looking out for seniors can become part of the group in order to find better ways to care for their elderly.

And for Privacy they set some Rules:

  1. No debates over politics and religion.
  2. No ads of any kind.
  3. The privacy of the members is super high.

More information and Resources

Finally, you’re normal, and you will be okay. So please remember, Facebook Communities are a safe place for everyone. If you need to share your thoughts, ask for help, or just someone to talk to, reach out to them or to a Specialist.

We’re people behind the screens, and we all care.

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Written by Omar Bakry

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