Why You Should Still Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single!

Single life, you think it’s bad, right? Here’s why you should celebrate it!

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As we all know Valentine’s day is coming up and we know it’s all about couples, love, and romance.

Things that the singles have nothing to do with!

However, what if Valentine’s is about you as well, yes you the single one out here!

The truth behind the single life that you should know!

Why You Should Still Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single!
Photo by Francesca Zama on Pexels.com

We grow up thinking that relationships and having a partner is the most important thing in life!

And it feels like it’s a competition that you need to win in to find a partner and settle in!

Can’t blame anyone though that’s how the society taught us all!

It taught us that being single is a shame and makes you feel bad about yourself.

You grow up and no one told that being single is okay and not just okay, it can be beautiful too.

I know sometimes you want to be loved and cared by someone and you think that being single is bad.

You see all of a sudden couples all over the place and you feel like you’re the only one that is lonely out there!

Let me tell you this there’re a lot of taken people who crave freedom and crave being single again because it’s always greener on the other side!

So, I want to shock you with this, that being single is perfectly normal and you should embrace it!

It’s not a shame to be single and it doesn’t make you feel unwanted!

It’s the time to focus on yourself!

In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself. – Laurence Sterne

Here’re some reasons why you should Celebrate Valentine’s Day When you’re single!

First, we need to know that being single doesn’t mean you’re unwanted!

Being single doesn’t mean you’re unwanted or you’re not good enough; being single means you still didn’t find your soulmate or the one you feel that your souls click together.

Stop and think for a moment do you need a partner for the sake of not being alone? Or you need someone to face the hardships of the life with or to complete you?

The answer for this question will open the doors of truth for you!

Self love is important! Focus on yourself!

Why You Should Still Celebrate It When You're Single!

One of the greatest things that the single life offers is that you’d be able to focus on yourself more!

You may find this cliché but trust me to be able to love yourself and focus on yourself is so hard to do!

You need to embrace a time for yourself for your wellbeing, understand yourself, force yourself to stand in front of the mirror and confront yourself!

You’d discover a lot of things inside you that you didn’t really know about!

You have the right to be selfish!

Being in a relationship makes you hold the burden of thinking of two not one, think about yourself and your partner, and it’s complete normal!

However, being single gives you the permission of being selfish and putting yourself first!

Embrace your solitude!

I know that being alone sucks especially if you’re a person who is an extrovert and like to be around family, friends, and lovers.

But what if you take this as an advantage to yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone!

You can build a relationship with your own self and get comfortable with yourself!

Have your own long term happiness!

Why You Should Still Celebrate It When You're Single!

Let’s face it, rely your own happiness on someone suck and it only brings misery!

You should know that your happiness depends on you and only you.

And being single is the perfect time to invest in your own happiness!

With that being said, if you develop your own self to adjust on your own, be happy on your own, and get to know yourself more

You’d find the one, the soulmate that will complete this life with you; you’d develop healthy relationships that you’re looking for!

And finally being single on valentine’s day doesn’t mean you’re not enough!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving yourself!

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Written by Reem Tarek

Living my life trying to get out of the bottleneck

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