How Singles’ Day Turned into a Toxic Commercial Celebration

single's day

Today is 11/11, which marks Singles’ Day; a celebration that originated in China and began as a lighthearted celebration of individuality and independence. The intention was to empower singles to embrace their solo status, not an anti-Valentine’s day.

However, in recent years, the narrative has taken an unexpected twist, it has since fallen prey to the clutches of self-help scams and pseudo-gurus who have seized the opportunity to exploit vulnerable individuals, in addition to marketers capitalizing on the idea and making it a “shopping day.”

Cause what’s a better way to love yourself than spending your money on useless items you don’t need only cause they’re on sale?

Singles’ Day, what was once a day for innocently celebrating independence, became an anti-Valentine’s Day frenzy, and evolved into a shopping extravaganza, losing its initial intent and becoming more about encouraging excessive consumerism.

Marketers have seized on the emotional vulnerability of singles, framing the day as an opportunity to buy happiness. The pressure to partake in the shopping spree often leaves individuals feeling compelled to make purchases, reinforcing the detrimental idea that material possessions equate to self-worth.

However, the worst offenders on Singles’ Day are the so-called gurus and “self-love” influencers.

This day has become a goldmine for self-proclaimed relationship experts and life coaches, preying on the insecurities of those who may be feeling lonely or searching for guidance.

These scams promise quick fixes to finding love or achieving happiness, leading individuals down a path of false hope and empty promises.

For those struggling to find a partner or who have lost loved ones, the influence of these scams can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. The pressure to conform to societal ideals promoted by these so-called gurus can contribute to a sense of failure, further isolating individuals who are already navigating the challenges of solo life.

It’s crucial to be discerning in the face of the Singles’ Day frenzy. Not all advice is created equal, and not every self-proclaimed guru has genuine intentions. By shedding light on these scams, we empower our community to make informed choices and prioritize their mental well-being over quick-fix solutions.

While gurus promise happiness through acquisitions, the reality for many singles is a fleeting sense of fulfillment. The void left by societal pressures and consumerist expectations remains unaddressed, leading to a cycle of temporary satisfaction followed by deeper dissatisfaction.

Recommendations for a Genuine Celebration of Single’s Day:

Cultivate Genuine Connections:

Encourage authentic connections and conversations rather than falling for superficial solutions promoted by self-help scams.

Celebrate Individual Growth:

Shift the focus from finding a partner to personal development and growth. True happiness often comes from within.

Community Support:

Highlight local community initiatives that provide genuine support and foster connections, steering clear of the empty promises of self-proclaimed gurus.

While Singles’ Day may seem like a harmless celebration of singlehood, it has transformed into a toxic celebration of pseudo-consumerism. The emotional toll on individuals, the environmental impact, and the perpetuation of societal pressures make it imperative to reevaluate the significance of this day. As consumers, we should prioritize mindful and sustainable choices over impulsive purchases that only serve to deepen the problems associated with Singles’ Day.

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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