Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino Celebrates Ashraf Naeem and Amany Samy

Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino Celebrates Ashraf Naeem and Amany Samy

For artist Ashraf Naeem, Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino proudly announced that the artist Ashraf Naeem had won the Marriott international postcard contest. His remarkable design was chosen from hundreds of submissions worldwide and will be displayed on the postcard of Marriott International for a full year.

Sheraton Cairo hotel & Casino is proud and honored to have such a distinctive and creative artist like Ashraf.   

Mr. Ashraf Michel, the general manager of Sheraton Cairo hotel and casino

As for Amany Samy, Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino announced she is the first woman elected as head of the syndicate at Sheraton Cairo hotel. The election took place on Monday 30th of May 2022 with high number of participants; she managed to get the majority of the votes with her clear vision and promising actions towards the syndicate.

Amany’s action plan includes a lot of promising ideas for every employee concerning their rights and comfort at work and a special plan for women concerning health insurance, support, and empowerment their rights.

Amany is currently holding the role of head waiter, taking care of our VIP guests at the Sheraton Club. Amany has been part of Sheraton Cairo family for over 15 years serving guests and leaving stunning impressions. Amany is setting a very powerful example of women leadership. Today, we are so proud of such a great caliber and influential associate.

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