Israeli Model Claims She’s Kicked Out of Egyptian Hotel While Accompying Travis Scott

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The Travis Scott saga in Egypt continues to take unexpected twists, with the latest addition being the claim of an Israeli model, Shay Zanco, who allegedly got kicked out of a hotel during her stay while accompanying the rapper for the now-canceled Utopia concert. However, with no concrete evidence to support her claims, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the entire narrative.

According to several media reports, Shay Zanco, a successful Israeli model with credentials from prestigious publications like Vogue and Victoria’s Secret, was allegedly asked to leave a hotel in Egypt once her nationality was discovered. The incident reportedly took place while she was accompanying Travis Scott in Cairo, staying at the same hotel as the rest of his entourage.

The sequence of events, as recounted by Zanco, paints a picture of humiliation and unexpected prejudice. Zanco shared, “I was very stressed and felt really humiliated. In the four years I’ve been [in the spotlight], I’ve never felt antisemitism or faced any problems because I’m Jewish and Israeli. This time it was something different.”

However, skepticism arises when considering the details surrounding the incident. The reports suggest that the hotel staff was waiting for a moment when Zanco was separated from Travis Scott’s entourage to ask her to leave.

The question arises: Why would the hotel staff allegedly be intimidated by Scott’s team to the extent of asking Zanco to leave if that was indeed the case? Additionally, how did the hotel allegedly wait for that specific moment if they already had her identification upon check-in? This discrepancy raises doubts about the accuracy of the reported events.

Adding to the confusion is the nature of Zanco’s connection to Travis Scott. While some sources suggest that she was accompanying the rapper himself, others claim it was only Scott’s team she was with.

Furthermore, the cancellation of the Utopia concert and the subsequent events have led to uncertainty surrounding Zanco’s presence in Egypt in the first place. While she was invited by Travis Scott and his team to accompany them, conflicting reports about the exact nature of her relationship with the artist cast doubt on her reasons for being there.

It is worth noting that an official from Egypt’s Chamber of Hotel Establishments stated that there were no official decisions from the Ministry of Tourism or any Egyptian authority to prevent any nationality from entering hotels. If Zanco’s claim is indeed accurate, it raises concerns about the actions of the hotel in question and the potential repercussions they may face.

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