Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

Cartoons You Probably Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

Animated Films have been an integral part of our childhood, filling our minds with wonder and joy. However, some of these classic cartoons hold a treasure trove of depth and complexity that can only be fully appreciated when viewed through the lens of adulthood.

We picked a selection of animated gems that offer profound themes, captivating narratives, and thought-provoking messages, making them a must-watch for grown-ups seeking entertainment with substance.

1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

As a kid, I never understood this film and hated everything about it. Why was she hiding in a church? What’s the big deal of them arresting her in it? Why is Quasimodo so clingy? So many questions! I did like the gargoyles though, and they’re still some of my favorite comic reliefs in aa Disney film.

As an adult, however, and learning about the Romani people, everything started making sense. Watching it now, you can appreciate the complex themes of societal prejudice, power, and love in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

The film delves into deeper issues like religious hypocrisy and the struggle for acceptance, making it a thought-provoking experience for mature audiences. The heart-wrenching journey of Quasimodo and his desire for love and belonging resonates deeply with the complexities of human emotions.

2. Anastasia

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

Hear me out, I never really hated Anastasia. In fact, it was one of my favorite films. I remember seeing it in the cinema at 6 years old and being fascinated with everything, and not knowing it’s based on. true story.

Fast forward to adulthood, after knowing Rasputin was a real person and learning more about Russian history, the film changes 180 degrees!

With a more mature perspective, you can grasp the historical context and enjoy the twists in the story of “Anastasia.”

The film blends historical events with fantasy, making it captivating for adults who can appreciate the creative liberties taken by the filmmakers. The protagonist’s search for her true identity and the exploration of Russian history add layers of depth to the plot.

3. Wall-E

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

So I was not particularly a kid when I first saw Wall-E, but I remember thinking it was annoying and unrealistic.

Boy was I wrong!

As an adult, you’ll better understand the environmental and societal messages underlying this heartwarming tale of “Wall-E.”

The movie reflects on consumerism, the consequences of human actions on the planet, and the importance of finding love and connection in unexpected places. Wall-E’s journey to save humanity from its self-destructive path serves as a stark reminder of the fragile state of our planet.

4. Bambi

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

I hated this film with a passion as a kid because absolutely nothing happens except for Bambi’s parents dying in the first minute and that’s it.

Watching “Bambi” as an adult allows you to appreciate the beauty of its animation and the emotional depth of the story.

The film explores themes of loss, nature’s cycle, and the responsibilities that come with growing up, resonating more profoundly with mature audiences. Bambi’s coming-of-age journey, coupled with the enduring bonds of friendship, tugs at the heartstrings of those who have experienced the complexities of life.

If any cartoon can give The Lion King a run for it’s money when it comes to crying, it’s Bambi.

5. The Fox and the Hound

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

This is one of Disney’s unknown and underrated films, and I didn’t hate it back then, but never appreciated it.

This heartrending tale explores the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and the societal pressure to conform in “The Fox and the Hound.” As an adult, you can empathize with the emotional struggles faced by the main characters and understand the film’s poignant message on societal divisions. The bittersweet exploration of an unlikely friendship challenges our notions of prejudice and acceptance.

6. Pocahontas

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

Let me tell you guys, talking about this film gets me angry because I grew up thinking Native Americans were evil people because of it, and I don’t even know how it was allowed in the first place.

Viewing “Pocahontas” as an adult highlights the historical inaccuracies and the romanticized portrayal of the characters. For starters, the real Pocahontas was a CHILD kidnapped by a white man who died at the age of 20. Let that sink in.

The film raises questions about cultural representation and appropriation, leading to more nuanced discussions about the challenges of adapting historical events for entertainment. As grown-ups, we can appreciate the film as a starting point for examining our cultural consciousness.

7. The Prince of Egypt

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

I remember watching this film as a child and not understanding what was happening, only to later find out it’s “haram talk.”

Despite being banned in Egypt due to its religious themes, as an adult, you can appreciate the film’s insights into different perspectives and beliefs in “The Prince of Egypt,” making it a fascinating watch for those open to exploring diverse viewpoints.

The stunning animation and powerful portrayal of ancient Egypt add to the film’s allure, making it a profound experience for mature audiences, and this is irrelevant to your beliefs. Get into it knowing it’s a film you’ll disagree with, and you’ll be fine.

8. Treasure Planet

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

This animated adventure might have been too complicated to grasp as a kid, but as an adult, you’ll appreciate the futuristic twist on the classic Treasure Island story in “Treasure Planet.”

You’ll enjoy the blend of hand-drawn animation and CGI and resonate more with the themes of self-discovery and redemption while exploring the importance of father-son relationships.

And the soundtrack is 10/10!

9. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Animated Films You Might Have Hated as a Kid, but Would Love as an Adult

Just like “Treasure Planet,” “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” could have been too complex for us as kids, but as an adult, you’ll delve into the mythical world of Atlantis with stunning visuals and a captivating storyline.

Explore deeper themes of exploration, knowledge, cultural clashes, and the consequences of human greed. The film’s imaginative world-building and adventurous spirit make it a must-watch for grown-up animation enthusiasts.

The Tea?

Animated movies have the remarkable ability to touch the hearts of audiences of all ages. As adults, we can rediscover these beloved classics and uncover the hidden layers of wisdom, inspiration, and insight they offer. From grappling with societal prejudices to exploring historical contexts and environmental messages, these animated gems present a rich tapestry of narratives that resonate deeply with the complexities of adult life.

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