2020 on Twitter: #ThisHappened in Egypt

Twitter highlights the top conversations around football in Egypt

2020 on Twitter: #ThisHappened in Egypt

At the end of each year, Twitter highlights the key conversations that took place on the platform throughout the year. In 2020, Twitter revealed that football-related topics were among the most popular conversations on the platform in Egypt.

Here are some of the top football hashtags and Tweets from throughout the year:

This years most Tweeted football club hashtags in Egypt were الزمالك# (Zamalek Sporting Club), followed by الاهلي# (Al Ahly Sporting Club).

The most Tweeted footballer related hashtags:

  1. طارق_حامد_ملك_افريقيا# (Zamalek’s Tarek Hamed is Africa’s king)
  2. ادعم_الزمالك_ادعم_ساسي# (Support Zamalek, support Ferjani Sassi)
  3. شيكا_ابو_الاهلاويه # (Shikabala is better than Al Al Ahly)
  4. الخطيب_اسطوره_القرن# (Al Ahly’s Mahmoud El Khatib is this century’s legend)
  5. افريقيا_ياايمن_اشرف# (Africa with Ahly’s Ayman Ashraf)

The most mentioned footballers:

The following list includes the most mentioned Egyptian current football players:

  1. Mohamed Salah, football player at Liverpool (@MoSalah)
  2. Ahmed Fathi, football player at Pyramids FC (@ahmedfathi)
  3. Shikabala, football player at Zamalek SC (@shikabala)
  4. Mohamed Zakaria, football player at Al Ahly SC (@moamenzakaria)

Mohamed Salah’s most liked Tweets:

Egyptian footballer Mohammad Salah ruled the platform yet again. Here are his top 10 liked Tweets in Egypt, including pictures:

@MoSalah tweets a photo thanking his fans, his country, and the Arab world who have stood by him and supported him.

@MoSalah tweets a photo of his daughter.

@MoSalah Tweets a photo of himself

@MoSalah Tweets two photos of him and his daughter bonding.

@MoSalah Tweets photos of him and his family with the championship trophies.

@MoSalah Tweeted thanking his followers for all the birthday wishes.


@MoSalah Tweeted a selfie of himself at the gym.

@MoSalah Tweets a photo of himself holding the championship trophy.

@MoSalah Tweets a photo of himself enjoying the sun.

@MoSalah Tweets a photo of himself at a café enjoying his tea.

To celebrate the year-end, Twitter has launched its annual emoji that will unlock when the following English and Arabic hashtags are Tweeted:

  • #ThisHappened
  • #ThisHappened2020
  • حدث_في_2020#

2020 on Twitter: #ThisHappened in Egypt

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