Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) uncovers its new high-end line “Premium” home appliances and products

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) Announces New Partnership with TCL Technology for Televisions and Unveils New Innovations in the Egyptian Market

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) uncovers its new high-end line “Premium” home appliances and products

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) announced today a partnership with TCL Technology, one of the world’s leading television screen manufacturers, to become the main exclusive distributor of TCL screens in Egypt in the coming five years.

Moreover, Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) also announced new features and innovations to the new Premium line of products that extend a top-of-the-line range of home appliance products characterised by their superior quality affordable prices.

These new features are available for the first time in Egypt as part of the Group’s constant pioneering efforts to always innovate and provide cutting-edge products to shoppers in the Egyptian market.

The expansion of the company, manifested in the partnership with TCL and the Premium line launch, led to the rebranding of Unionaire Group to Unionaire Group Technology (UGT).

Amongst Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) innovations that have been introduced to the Egyptian market for the first time are two innovations under the Premium line of products, the Ultraviolet innovation and a mobile phone application which provides users instant access to their products.

The Ultraviolet innovation targets germ removal in refrigerators and air conditioners by instilling 220-280 wavelength to eliminate germs.

The new mobile application has also been developed using Smart Wi-Fi technology, enabling users to control all of their products with the click of a button.

The application allows users to have a “Full Safety” experience and control their stoves by switching it off while outside of the house.

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) uncovers its new high-end line “Premium” home appliances and products

It also allows instantly controlling the fridge’s temperature, as owners will receive notifications if the fridge temperature becomes too low.

These features give customers the safety they need for health and hygiene, and the comfort and ease in controlling their different products, allowing them to have a unique “Premium” experience.

The Group currently has a size of investment of 5 billion Egyptian Pounds and paid capital 2.3 billion. Encompassing a total of 13 different factories, the Group manufactures local, well-priced, high-quality products that range from air conditioners to fridges, stoves, cookers, televisions, and other home appliances.

Commenting on the launch, Mohamed Osman, CEO of Unionaire Group Technology said,

“We are thrilled to launch our Premium line which features locally produced high-end products with world-class features that cater to a new category of shoppers, as there is a growing demand amongst Egyptians.

Nowadays, everyone is keen to have state-of-the-art products with high performance and strong durability, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to provide a range of different products, that are all produced in Egypt.”

Regarding the TCL partnership Engineer Osman also said that.

“This partnership offers a great start for our group to further strengthen its position in the market and grow.”

Renowned for its innovative air-conditioning technology, Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) latest Premium products boast many high-tech components with five new features to improve performance and quality.

These features include I-CLEAN, which automatically cleans ACs and prevents dirt’s freezing. I-feel is another feature which senses if the room is too cold or too hot and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

DISPLAY is another newly introduced feature that helps customers choose the type of brightness and display on their receiver for a more comfortable experience.

The fourth feature is Health, which uses ultraviolet technology to sterilise and disinfect the air with higher efficiency and quality levels.

The final highly innovative feature is the Anti-F, which automatically dries off any moisture, avoiding any fungus or bacterial growth in the machines.

Additionally, as Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) is also well-known for its range of products in the white goods category, the new line brings shoppers Egypt’s first double oven and dual-fuel stove, in addition to the automatic twin-load washing machine, the Double Wash, which has an additional sink.

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) uncovers its new high-end line “Premium” home appliances and products

Moreover, the No Frost fridge equipped with Bluetooth speakers allows customers to enjoy music and answer calls whilst in the kitchen.

Finally, Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) Premium Televisions are also now equipped with the Google Assistant, providing users with the artificial intelligence empowered virtual assistant that can engage in two-way conversations to support users and facilitate their daily lives.

Understanding the importance of the after-sales experience for customers, the group also developed its customer services by establishing one of the Middle East’s biggest centres.

Customers can now reach employees 24/7 through the hotline 19012. The QR code feature has also been added to the products to help reach the appropriate service.

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