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The Invasion Of The Foreign Belly Dancers In Egypt

Where’re The Egyptian Belly Dancers Now?

The Invasion Of The Foreign Belly Dancers In Egypt

Belly dancing is Egyptian art that began in the 18th century by the hand of gypsies known as the ghawazee. It’s originated in Egypt; it has incredible movements; it’s a kind of expressionist dancing. However, belly dancers were banned from Cairo in the 1830s but went on to perform in Upper Egypt, and went famous after then.

They started to perform in Europe and the Middle East.

When we mention Belly Dancing, we automatically think of the famous belly dancers Samia Gamal, Tahya Karyoka, Soher Zaky, Zizi Mostafa, Naeema Akef.

Plus many more of those incredible performers.

Here’s to remember they’re remarkable performances.

And also the younger generation Dina, Fifi Abdou, and Lucy, and recently we have Amy Sultan.

Egyptian belly dancers are known as the best belly dancers all over the world.

And that’s the art we appreciate here in Egypt!

The strike of the Foreign Belly Dancers!

Those foreign belly dancers all of a sudden came to Egypt and made popularity hugely.

They all got famous like real quick!

This leads us to a question; Why those belly dancers became too famous in Egypt?

It all started with that ‘Bernamg El Raqesa.’

This show was about a competition between belly dancers to see who’s going to win; it was on-screen six years ago.

It featured many foreign belly dancers, and I think that’s where the invasion of foreign belly dancers began!

Since then, they started to get too famous in Egypt, and more prominent than the Egyptian ones.

They were also featured in cinemas!

Those foreign belly dancers got too popular to the extent that they were cast in movies and TV!

They are chosen to act in many Egyptian movies these days, and they take essential roles in the film.

Needless to say that every single music video now featured a foreign belly dancer, not an Egyptian one anymore.

How those foreign belly dancers manage to conquer the field?

The Egyptian belly dance as we said before is an expressionist type of dancing, it has complicated moves, and it’s not easy to acquire.

However, when this wave of the foreign dancers came, they started to show a different type and call it Egyptian belly dance.

They started to make random moves that focus more on their bodies!

What does that even mean, dancing is all about focusing on the body!

Let me explain it to you; this new wave is more sexually; they started to make sexual moves.

That Egyptian art we used to appreciate and used to watch it with amusement, no matter your age, old or young, it was a respected art we loved to watch; but now it started to get sexually.

They make random moves but sexually; and that’s why they got too famous!

People here in Egypt started sexualising them, and that’s why they’d be cast in movies and appear in every music video.

That’s not our own type of art, that’s not Egyptian belly dance.

And now a video for another foreign belly dancer went viral!

As we witness these past days a video for Lurdiana a Brazilian belly dancer who danced in a beauty centre.

This video went viral and had so many views and shares.

Although she danced in a simple dress, people still sexualised her and her moves.

We also did a piece about her if you want to know more about Lurdiana.

We appreciate how she dances, though, it’s still good!

Where are the Egyptian belly dancers now?

We no longer see or hear about them anymore, we don’t even know if there any Egyptian belly dancers.

This doesn’t apply to Dina, Fifi Abdou, and Amy Sultan; however, those also rarely see them perform.

But witness Egyptian ones get famous or perform? We no longer see this, and it’s unfortunate!

We still don’t hate what those foreign belly dancers offer; however, that’s not the art we appreciate here in Egypt!

What do you think?


Written by Reem Tarek

Living my life trying to get out of the bottleneck

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