Several Girls Harassed and a Man Killed During a Senior Party in Mansourya

Several Girls Harassed and a Man Killed During a Senior Party in Mansourya for AIS Students by Puls Productions

At a senior party hosted for the students of AIS Sheikh Zayed, tragedy struck when a courageous driver lost his life while attempting to protect a student from harassment. The event, named Sync and organized by Pulse Production, unfolded in a private venue located in Mansoureya.

Shockingly, as attendees exited the venue, they were confronted by local thugs, resulting in a horrifying turn of events.

Eyewitnesses recounted a disturbing scene where the thugs targeted underage girls, subjecting them to harassment and even attempted kidnappings. In a brave effort to shield the girls from harm, the boys present at the party intervened, only to face brutal physical assault. One of the harassed girls’ drivers valiantly attempted to confront the assailants, tragically losing his life in the process.

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Amidst the chaos, unfounded rumors spread like wildfire, suggesting that some girls had been kidnapped. However, upon investigation, it was determined that the girls were indeed safe but temporarily unreachable, dispelling the kidnapping claims. Additionally, reports of rape circulated widely, yet concrete evidence or confirmation from eyewitnesses and online sources remained elusive.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the organizing production agency, Pulse Production, abruptly made their Instagram account private and became unresponsive. This action only deepened the mystery surrounding the incident.

It is pertinent to recall that AIS faced public scrutiny during their 2017 prom when images of underage students consuming alcohol surfaced on social media. The event also garnered attention due to the presence of strippers.

When this was previously reported, Mr. Walid Abushakra, Chairman of the Board at Esol Education (the organization AIS is affiliated with), assured the public that the school had no involvement in external events.

Given the circumstances of this recent incident, it is presumed that AIS remains unconnected to the tragic events that unfolded at the Sync party.

We can only hold the organizers accountable for this situation. Why are underage children in a venue far from everything, drunk, with absolutely no security to protect them? Why are they holding an event in a venue that is unsafe for said drunk underage children?

We’re waiting for any statements by the school or Puls, though we highly doubt anyone will take accountability for this.

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