No Spoilers Pilot Review: Lahzet Ghadab, Darkly Comedic and Worth it!

La7zet Ghadab

Ramadan is here, and the drama is starting! With so many choices, the pilot episodes are crucial in deciding what to watch. If you’re too busy to watch all the pilots, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

First, we started with “Lahzet Ghadab,” streamed exclusively on Watch it, because its cast made us the most excited. As a fan of thrillers and dark comedies, the trailer seemed to promise just that, and I was hooked.

The trailer shows that the series revolves around mystery and suspense. The official promo highlights Youmna, played by Saba Mubarak, who works as a cook in a grand hotel.

Her husband, Sharif, who remains shrouded in mystery in the trailer, disappears under mysterious circumstances during her birthday celebration. She tries to find him with the help of his brother, Mustafa, played by Mohamed Shaheen.

Having endured Sharif’s cruelty, Youmna faces a pivotal moment of anger on her birthday, reshaping the trajectory of her entire life.

The first scene of the series sets the tone perfectly. It shows how passive the character Youmna is, and in just a minute, we know exactly who she is.

Moreover, the series introduces her husband, played by one of our favorite actors (we don’t want to spoil it). He makes a guest appearance and sets the tone for the series’ dark humor.

Other than introducing characters, the scene offers a glimpse into the production quality and visuals. The colors are top-notch. It’s clear that the DOP, Mohamed Abdelraouf, has a vision, perfectly executed by colorist Seif Ragheb. The use of color and wide angles during close-ups creates a sense of the characters’ personalities and desires.

As for the supporting cast, we meet Mohamed Shaheen’s character, Mostafa. He’s a powerful older businessman with a much younger Lebanese wife – a new type of role for Shaheen. This could easily become cheesy, but we trust his acting abilities to create a balanced portrayal.

Then there’s Fatma, played by Sarrah Abdelrahman. This seems like a new kind of character in Egyptian TV, especially for Sarrah, and I’m excited to see how she develops the role. Fatma is a tarot-reading, bohemian type whom we’ve all encountered in real life.

Sarrah Abdelrahman No Spoilers Pilot Review: Lahzet Ghadab, Darkly Comedic and Worth it!

Aly Kassem makes a very brief appearance. We can’t judge his performance yet, but that hairstyle definitely needs work!

What do all the characters have in common? They’re all horrible in their own way. The kind of characters you’d hate in real life but probably love in the series.

Other things we like are the intro, which I watched twice because it was fantastic. I doubt I’ll be skipping it! The editing and fast pace of the series are also engaging and likely to appeal to younger audiences accustomed to short-format content.

Overall, I think the series is worth watching, and I have high hopes for it.

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Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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