New Zeland’s Ambassador in Egypt, Greg Lewis, is Going Full Egyptian!

New Zeland's Ambassador in Egypt, Greg Lewis
New Zeland's Ambassador in Egypt, Greg Lewis

New Zeland; known for its Window XP-Esque sceneries, having one of history’s most badass female leaders – and leaders in general, being the home of Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings, and more importantly, Rugby.

While New Zealanders can take some time to adjust to Egyptian culture because of all the major differences, one thing they can never live without is their rugby.

Luckily for them, we are also as obsessed with another sport that involves a ball, and probably a whole lot less violent -football.

Don’t believe us? Just ask New Zeland’s ambassador in Egypt. Greg Lewis, who took it to Twitter to show how New Zealanders are adapting to spots in Egypt.

New Zeland’s ambassador Mr Lewis, stated in a tweet that he would be cheering for the Al Ahly team during the CAF champions league, while his fellow teammate, Ross Batchelor, Deputy Head of Mission, will be cheering for Zamalek.

Not just that, but they even took pictures with their own team shirts.

I mean, look at how serious Ross looks? I won’t want to lose because of that look if I wear Zamalek. Nor would I want to break Mr Lewis’s heart if I was Al Ahly.

Honestly, so wholesome!

This isn’t the first time. however, that Mr Lewis went full-on Egyptian during his stay in Egypt.

Just less than a month ago, he was seen eating “Halawet El Mouled” in celebration of the prophet’s birth.

Even earlier this summer, New Zeland’s ambassador expressed his love for Egyptian mangos and went on a giveaway with sending everyone mangos.




We didn’t get ours at El-Shai though…Maybe he’s just unsure of our address?

Yeah, that’s got to be it!


What do you think?


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