Marianne Khoury Appointed as Artistic Director of El Gouna Film Festival

Marianne Khoury Appointed as Artistic Director of El Gouna Film Festival

El Gouna Film Festival is pleased to announce the appointment of renowned film producer and director Marianne Khoury as its new Artistic Director. This strategic decision aligns with the festival’s vision to expand its reach and venture into new horizons, while reinforcing its commitment to supporting Egyptian and Arab filmmakers.

Khoury’s appointment aims to foster growth and advancement in the regional film industry, setting the stage for an exciting future.

A Vision for Expansion and Support

El Gouna Film Festival has been a driving force in realizing significant projects by providing invaluable support since its inception. Marianne Khoury, in her new role as Artistic Director, intends to extend the festival’s sponsorship, support, and training workshops to discover and nurture young talents across all aspects of filmmaking. Her objective is to expand the festival’s reach, enabling it to provide even more comprehensive assistance and opportunities to aspiring filmmakers.

A Strong Addition to the Festival

The appointment of Marianne Khoury as Artistic Director is a momentous decision by the festival management. With her distinguished position as one of the most important filmmakers in the region and her extensive experience in the field, she is set to bring substantial value to El Gouna Film Festival. Over the past five editions, Khoury has established a robust relationship with the festival, serving as a member of the documentary film jury, contributing as a producer, and playing an integral role in the CineGouna platform.

An Ideal Leader for Artistic Innovation

El Gouna Film Festival is privileged to welcome Marianne Khoury as the new Artistic Director. Her remarkable contributions to the film industry and her dedication to showcasing diverse voices make her an ideal leader for the festival. With her vision and expertise, there is confidence that the festival will continue to thrive as a hub for artistic innovation and cinematic brilliance.

Marianne Khoury’s Achievements

Marianne Khoury is known for producing and directing films that engage the audience on an intimate level, delving into themes of identity, memory, and marginalization. Her portfolio boasts around 30 feature films and documentaries that have received awards in both regional and international festivals. In 2004, she played a crucial role in introducing the first edition of the Panorama of the European Film in Cairo, followed by her involvement in the establishment of ZAWYA in 2014.

Her latest initiative, The Dahshur Workshops, is dedicated to mentoring and developing films created by emerging Egyptian and Arab talents. Marianne’s latest film, “LET’S TALK,” was selected to participate in the 32nd edition of the IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, where it also won the Audience Award at the 2019 Cairo International Film Festival.

El Gouna Film Festival’s Significance

As one of the leading festivals in the MENA region, El Gouna Film Festival aims to showcase a wide variety of films to a passionate and knowledgeable audience. It serves as a platform for fostering better communication between cultures through the art of filmmaking. The festival strives to connect filmmakers from the region with their international counterparts, promoting cooperation and cultural exchange.

Moreover, El Gouna Film Festival is committed to discovering new voices and acting as a catalyst for the development of cinema in the Arab world. The festival achieves this through its industry-oriented event, CineGouna Platform, which empowers Egyptian and Arab filmmakers by providing them with artistic and financial support. CineGouna Platform encompasses the CineGouna SpringBoard and the CineGouna Bridge programs, which offer opportunities for sharing knowledge and facilitating growth.

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