Beirut artist Son Savage follows smash hit single ‘The River’ with debut album “Folie à Deux”

Beirut artist Son Savage follows smash hit single ‘The River’ with debut album "Folie à Deux"

Following the runaway success of his recent single ‘The River’ that saw him compete with Amr Diab and Al Jasmi for chart position, Beirut artist Son Savage is back with his debut album, “Folie à Deux.”

Son Savage’s single ‘The River’ catapulted him into the charts this summer, topping the Anghami International Chart for three weeks and reaching No.4 in the Full Charts.

The River was a four-minute slice of pop perfection backed by a brilliantly creative video that stormed Youtube.

And that successful formula is replicated on “Folie à Deux” and its lead single ‘Love Therapy.’

Son Savage not only writes, composes, produces and performs all his own music, but on ‘Love Therapy’ he also acts in the video and makes his directorial debut behind the camera. And like ‘The River,’ ‘Love Therapy’ is another brilliant pop song packed with creativity and backed by a powerful message that listeners will instantly relate to.

As you might have noticed from the track titles, love is the key to a lot of the tracks on “Folie à Deux.”

The album ‘explores love as a form of madness,’ says Son Savage. ‘The songs take the listener through the ups and downs of falling in and out of love.’

And just as love can come in many different guises, the album shuffles through an array of genres: from full-blown gospel choirs to a shredding guitar solo and from talkbox and synth to sassy sax, the album is alive with ideas brilliantly brought to life.

Then again, when Son Savage lists his influences as ‘Soul, Funk, Blues, Motown, Gospel, Rockabilly and Rock & Roll with ‘being Arab’’ you get an insight into just why his album is as eclectic as it is.

But this success so nearly didn’t happen.

The world watched on in shock as the Beirut port blast devastated the Lebanese capital just over a year ago, putting the fragile city back decades.

And that moment acted as a catalyst for Son Savage. Realising that life was too short – and fragile – he put aside his office job and turned to music.

It was far from a gamble though, says the artist.

‘COVID & the Beirut Blast combined allowed me to simply shift my priorities and give more time to what I am truly passionate about – and that is always going to be music.’

The business world’s loss is very much the music world’s gain.

Lead single ‘Love Therapy’ and album “Folie à Deux” are out now.

About Son Savage

Son Savage is a vital new voice with an important story. Bringing a global perspective to his anthemic, high-energy pop music, he is destined to leave a lasting mark in music. Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, Son Savage has collaborated with artists from Europe to Los Angeles, creating an infectious, one-of-a-kind style in the process.

His music sets itself apart with a sense of adventure, exploring the dualities of modern life through memorable melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Although music has always been his true passion, Son Savage spent much of his adult life working in the corporate world until the August 4 Beirut Blast, when his hometown in Lebanon was devastated by one of the largest explosions in history. Confronted with the fragility of his own life, he decided not to waste another day, and began pursuing music with his whole heart.

With his debut single out now, Son Savage is well on his way to establishing an international audience. Each track of his 2021 full-length debut album will also reveal a different side of his artistry, as he sings about love, loss, and madness with incomparable conviction.

The album, ‘’ and its lead single ‘’ were released on October 29, 2021. Besides having written, composed, produced, and performed all the songs on the album, also both acted in and directed the video in his directorial debut behind the camera.

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