10 Fashion Tips for the Dreaded 2020 Summer!

What if we told you you can still make the best out of this non-existing summer?

mask fashion scaled
mask fashion scaled

It has been a hard year for all of us. I mean, humanity almost died of a pandemic. Not exactly the usual stuff! We want a vacation!! And we want it on the beach.

So here are your 10 fashion tips to slay that 2020 summer beach vacation!

#5 Get a nice tan

Self tan guide men panorama

Don't hide from the sun. It's summer. It's the beach. Nothing is better than a sunbath. Some natural oils can achieve a deeper tan and protect your skin; Coconut, hazelnut and sunflower oils. There are so many products of such oils out there, pick yours. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on top. I know it takes forever to tan with sunscreen but it gives a more even and safer tan (refer back to tip # 3).

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