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Our Favourite Dresses From El-Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet

Dayuum! Who gave the girls permission to look that good?

We can see that everyone had enough being locked down and they wanna party.

The girls made so much efforts to look chic and outstanding, and it paid off.

Although some of them tried too hard and the overall looks came floppy, yet the majority were on point.

The fashion-themed Hollywood royalty and it was super chic.

Arwa Gouda, our favourite princess, looked so…well, princess-like.


Dress by Sara Onsi.

The always charismatic babe was shining in this beautiful and simple and royal look.

The fitting, on her perfect body, is just fine, and the colour! Oh boy! We are in love.

The pushed-back hair with the pun is showing her cute features and leaves her radiant smile to lighten our night.

And look at that cute mask! Our princess is responsible for a fashionable touch.

Also Arwa Gouda’s look from the closing.

Our Favourite Dresses From El-Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet

Dress by Jad Soda

The black and white dueto is so good on Arwa and it has been mixed so well on her body.

We love the leg opening and the chest opening with the sheer fabric.

The accessories, hair, makeup and bag are so simple and so pretty.

Shereen Reda, the controversial dress.


Dress by Rami Kadi.

Ok, a lot of y’all hate on this look, but we cannot disagree more.

The mosaic dress is so artistic, elegant and bold.

The colours, the patterns, the hair and the makeup, would never look that good on anyone other than Shereen.

The overall look is so beautiful and so Shereen Reda.

Ghada Adel, Princess Bubblegum.


Dress by Alex Perry.

The barbie look is cute yet sexy.

The bubblegum colour is so pretty and fits her body tune and type correctly.

Nice hair and makeup.

Menna Shalaby, who gave her permission to look that good?


Dress by George Hobeika.

This look isn’t just royal, no honey…

Menna came all the way from Olympus looking so divine, and we are so jealous!

The dress feels like it dropped from heaven, and it sewed itself on her body. And Voila, just like that, we have heavenly work on a goddess body.

“Dramatic Gasp”, I just can’t with her!

Tara Emad, the lady in black.


Dress by Deena Shaaban.

Tara doesn’t need royalty dress to look that royal. She has the face of a young queen.

The dress is a beautiful vision in black!

Her height, face and cute smile fits any outfit.

Yasmine Sabry, the colour of the royal blood.

Our Favourite Dresses From El-Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet

Dress by Jean Pierre Khoury.

So royal. Everything about the dress is just perfect.

The colour, the fitting, the design details and the fine jewellery.

The makeup and the hair fit the dress so well.

So bright look but not so bright words from Yasmin last night.

Sara El-Tonsi, Barbie Tingz!


Dress by Maysa Khaled.

Well, some of you don’t like this dress, but we just disagree.

The dress is so snow whitey and Cinderella vibes.

The ruffles and the colour with Sara’s calm beauty are so fluffy.

Ola Rushdy, coolness!


Dress by Soha Murad.

Everything about this couple is super duper cute. We love them.

Her dress is so edgy and cool, the hair and makeup are so different, and we love it.

Hoda El-etreby, Hotnessssss.


Dress by Lia Stublla.

So chic and classy. The black suit you perfectly!

The hair, makeup and shoes are just right.

Bravo Hoda, Hats off.

Mais Hamdan, Sexy Matrix.


Dress by Nour Azazy Couture.

We adore this look from the matrix.

Who would have thought that something that edgy would look so good on Mais Hamdan?

The beautiful black leather on the top and velvet on the rest of the dress.

The puffed shoulders are the right stuff.

Hair and makeup! Good job.

Basma takes the Red Carpet by storm.

Our Favourite Dresses From El-Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet

Dress by Samah Mahran Couture.

Basma is just selling this look.

We are so in love. Every single detail is on point: the colour, the cut, the shoes, and the patterns.

Hair and makeup are outstanding.

Raya, Très chic.


Dress by Zuhair Murad.

The colour is the best thing that happened in this dress.

That doesn’t mean we don’t like the flying butterfly sleeves and the ruffles.

Her makeup and hair fit the look just right.

Rania Youssef, Yass Girl, Go, Girl, Slay Girl.


Dress by Vivian Moawad.

The sexy queen, confident queen, bewitching queen.

What can we say about this dress? It’s running on her body like a heavenly rosé wine dropped from above. 

The pose, the shoes, la tatouage!!

We just love you, Rania.

Enjy Kiwan, killer queen.


Dress by Mrs Keepa Studio.

Absolutely one of the best looks.

The black was taking over the red carpet.

Black and red are the perfect couples.

This dress cannot get any better. Showing all the right angles of Enjy’s perfect body.

Show these beautiful ripped abs, killer queen!!

Zeinab Ghareeb, Halloween vibes on the red carpet.

Our Favourite Dresses From El-Gouna Film Festival Red Carpet

Dress by Ghally.

This look from the closing is so cool and halloweeny and we are so in love with the party vibes.

The hair is fabulous and bold.

The shoes, the jewelry and the makeup are flawless.

Everyone was doing so well on the red carpet. We cannot say otherwise.
Even those who tried extra hard and their overall looks came rather messy, we respect their efforts, and we can see it so obviously. Good for y’all girls, y’all were so lovely!

What do you think?


Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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