10 Common Myths About Breast Cancer and the Truth About Them

10 Common Myths About Breast Cancer and the Truth About Them

Over the years, sayings about the Breast Cancer which is identified as the most common disease among women have been circling.

Much information is just not accurate and you really need to check its truth. I appreciate your need to check yourself, but hey, WAIT!!

We’ve gathered for you some of the most common breast cancer myths and the truth about them. Let’s dip in!

Wearing a bra (especially at night) can cause breast cancer 

False: Scientifically, no evidence wearing a bra, especially at night, can get you breast cancer.

Antiperspirant deodorants increase your risks of breast cancer

False: as there is no scientific relation between wearing Antiperspirant deodorants and breast cancer. But it is important to note that everything that goes on in your body, goes in your body. For example, moisturizers, body mists, shampoos, sunscreens, etc. 

Men do not get breast cancer

False: Men can, and do, get diagnosed with breast cancer, but not as frequently as women, as about less than 1% of all breast cancers are men.

Several or frequent miscarriages

False: It is believed that the hormonal imbalance in the cycle that comes after repeated abortion may cause breast cancer. But this is not true at all.

Being overweight is not a factor in getting breast cancer 

False: As studies have proven, being overweight or obese, especially after menopause, is an important factor in developing breast cancer.

Breast cancer only tracks the mother’s side of the family 

False: Because in fact, breast cancer genes, if they’re out there, are equally inherited from both the mother and the father’s side.

Only middle-aged and older women get diagnosed with breast cancer 

False: Although middle-aged and older women are indeed at higher risk of getting breast cancer, young girls can, and go get, breast cancer too.

Breast cancer (or cancer in general) is contagious 

False: People cannot “catch” breast cancer, or in fact, any kind of cancer, from someone else. Because breast cancer is a consequence of mutated cells growing out of control in the breast tissues. So, no, breast cancer isn’t contagious.  

Not having a family history means you won’t get breast cancer 

False: Because only 5-10% of all breast cancers have inherited the genes from their families, while the other 90% had no family history with the disease. 

Mammograms can prevent breast cancer 

False: A mammography is just a screening tool that helps people detect whether there already is cancer present in the breast (or the body in general). But it does not prevent the disease whatsoever. 

Did you hear some of these myths? don’t be surprised! They’re so many, and we tried our best to collect the most circulating myths.

In the end, in order to prevent confusion and to avoid myths and false information, always check your medical and scientific information from a trusted source, such as a specialized doctor, trusted known institutions instead of the experiences or the opinions of others.

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Written by Donia Medhat

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