How To Get and Style Curly Hair For Men!

Curly Hair For Men is the new trend, see how you can take care of it!

How To Get and Style Curly Hair For Men!

If you’re a man and have straight hair and wonder how you can have curly hair this article is for you!

Also, if you already have curly hair and want to know how to take care of it, this is for you as well!

And don’t think that taking care of the hair is for the girls only, it’s for men too and everyone who cares for their appearance.

Smash the toxic masculinity thoughts and read this article!

First and foremost, How can you get curly hair for men! 

How To Take Care or Get Curly Hair For Men!

You may be wondering how a man can get his hair curly if it’s not naturally curled!

It’s so simple; you have to use the right and good curly hair products.

And as long as your hair is not too short, you can style it whatever you want!

To get your hair curled!

You should follow these steps:

Wash your hair and get a clean scalp so that you can style it easier!

Styling and curls work better on wet and damp hair!

Use a good leave-in, then coil your hair with your fingers, and then scrunch it and add gel to hold it for more days.

Simply that’s how you can get curly hair!

To take care of your curls, you should follow these steps:

Washing your hair

If you take showers more than three days a week, you can wash your hair the first time you shower with a shampoo that contains harsh chemicals like sulphate and silicon.

Then the other days, you can shampoo it with a sulphate-free shampoo.

And of course, if you felt like your hair needs to get more cleaned the other days, use again sulphate shampoo; however, don’t overuse it not to damage your hair!

Drying your hair

The best thing to let your hair air-dry; however, if you’re in a hurry, use a blow dryer or a diffuser on cold.

You can get the diffuser or the blow dryer from Samir William Stores.

Also, use a microfiber towel to reduce the frizz!

You can get it from Curly Cave and Pineapple Curls at affordable prices!

Styling your curles

How To Take Care or Get Curly Hair For Men!

If you have short hair like this, you can coil it with your fingers after putting the leave-in cream you’re using!


However, if you have long hair that is the length of your shoulders or mainly after your chin, you can use a Denman brush or flex rods to give it defined curls!

You can have the Denman brush or the Flexi rods from Curly Cave and Pineapple Curls as well.

That’s how the Denman brush looks like

And the Flexi Rods

Taking good care of your curls!

You have to sleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid frizz, and you can have these satin pillowcases from the online stores mentioned above.

If your hair is dry or frizzy, you can deep condition it once a week for fluffy, healthy, and soft curls!

Lovea with Shea butter, E-keratin, and L’Oréal dream long are the best in town and will get you the best results for your curls!

You can buy those deep conditioners from any local pharmacy or hypermarkets.

By following these simple steps for taking care of your hair, you’ll get the curly and healthy hair you want!

And remember, there’s no shame as a man to take care of your hair or take care of yourself. In general, avoid those negative thoughts telling you otherwise and have healthy hair!

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