Da7ee7’s Ahmed El Ghandour Speaks After Boycotting Campaign, And it’s Time We give him a Break!

Da7ee7's Ahmed El Ghandour Speaks After Boycotting Campaign, And it's Time We give him a Break!

It seems like Ahmed El Ghandour, aka El Da7ee7, can’t catch a break with wherever he screens his show.

He first started with AJ+, online news and current events YouTube channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network, which people gave him hell for because, you know, Qatar, politics, Muslim Brotherhood, yadda yadda.

He then moved to Shahid VIP, part of the MBC group, with a new show, “Mat7af el Da7ee7“. We love MBC, right? So his move should’ve been okay? But no, it was not. Ghandour still was given hell because his show is no longer free.

We already spoke about that when everyone hailed him the villain for moving to a paid platform and went from fully supporting him to joking about pirating his show. 

After just one season and very little buzz over the show on Shahid VIP, Ghandour left with Da7ee7 Shahid.

Then all of a sudden, and out of nowhere, Ahmed El Ghandour was back on YouTube, free, with his old show Da7ee7 but this time with a new production under New Media Academy.

While people were happy Da7ee7 is back, it didn’t take long before people found something negative to take a dump on his parade.

Of course.

As it turned out, the Emarati company New Media Academy also collaborates with Nas Daily.

Oh, snap!

For those who don’t know what Nas Daily is, first, you’re lucky; secondly, Nas Daily is run by Nuseir Yassin is an Arab Israeli video blogger.

At first, Nad Daily gained popularity because he showed the world how life is like in Palestine, and he managed to gain a lot of western attention for his content. 

However, as soon as this popularity happened, he went from putting Palestine on the map (literally and figurately) to kissing Israeli ass and promoting “co-existence.”

And no, he didn’t promote co-existence in random days only; he also did that at the peak of the Sheikh Jarrah conflict.

So overall, he’s trash and an attention-whore. 

People didn’t like that Da7ee7 is now under the same umbrella as Nas Daily, and people made it clear. 

So they started bashing Ghandour with even some posts going as far as saying that Da7ee7 has been giving youth wrong information because he’s initially powered by Isreal. Though they never showed evidence or even told what information he gave wrong.


Oh, snap! x2

And in out of Da7ee7 character, Ahmed Ghandour decided to speak out and defend himself, something he never did with all the previous attacks he received.

In his statement, Ghandour said:

“My position on the Palestinian issue is clear and announced. I do not understand politics, and I do not like to talk about it, yet I still decided to tell my position on what is happening in Palestine in the past period.

The criminality that happened to our people exceeded every imagination, and I expressed my feelings at that time without equivocation.

 I said I am biased towards them. Are these words coming from a person who supports normalization, or is planning on being one?”

Great words Ghandour, but what about Nas Daily? Are you going to say that people attacked you without any proper research?

About that…

“The platform I came back to is basically an educational platform. It has nothing to do with Nas Daily.

There is no funding, no support, or anything else. 

There was a previous partnership between the two platforms to teach a summer course, and the relationship ended last year. 

Therefore, the first platform financing the second, or vice versa, is entirely false. 

Based on this information, we decided to start dealing with them.”

Well, this is awkward for everyone who attacked him…

Ghandour continued:

I appreciate people’s fear of being exploited and based on that, I would like to emphasize two things:

A) The content of the El Da7ee7 program will not change. It will not change with time to anything else. And it will not be a media horn for any party. As it was never a trumpet for any party before that.

B) This is common sense that I don’t need to share, but I say it so that everything remains clear: I am in any way normalizing, nor will the content that he presents be normalizing relationships with Israel. 

I provide scientific content, and I prefer to do that. I do not intend to change this because I cannot do anything else.”

Ghandour wasn’t the only one who needed to make a statement; New Media Academy did too!

In their statement, New Media Academy basically confirmed everything Ghandour said by stating:

The New Media Academy is an Emirati institution launched in June 2020 to enrich Arabic content on the Internet by supporting creating positive influencers on social media and training Arab youth on the arts of content creation.

The New Media Academy cooperates with specialists from the best international universities, with many international influencers and writers and a group of global platforms specializing in creating content.

The New Media Academy, in cooperation with Arab influencers, produces many programs aimed at supporting the Arabic language, spreading positive stories in the Arab world, and scientific programs that aim to promote positive content for Arab youth amidst a large number of shallow programs on social media.

The Academy does not produce any programs of a political nature. 

The recent re-launch of El Da7ee7 program on the Academy’s platform came to promote Arab scientific content and increase the interest of Arab youth in science, and the Academy’s contribution to improving specialized Arab scientific content on social media.

The Academy regrets the campaign launched by some tweeters and some Arab media outlets to politicize the scientific content presented by the Academy and place it within political issues that did not take place from near or far to the work of the Academy.

The Academy relies on the awareness of Arab youth in distinguishing between helpful content and upgrading the Arab scientific content, through which it aims to create new hope for Arab youth through science, knowledge, and modern technologies.”

Here’s the issue; people are making Ahmed El Ghandour’s life harder every time he starts a new job. Honestly, imagine you starting a new job every couple of months, and everywhere you go, the company has to deal with the backlash and damage control because your “fans” are making hasty judgments.

And it’s all for what? To get some shares and create a buzz out of nothing?

What’s ironic, though, is that this happens from people who love him and should be wanting to make his life easier. 

Not just that, but the irony of being fans of a scientific show, yet no one bothers to do quick research to fact-check what they’re saying. 

Da7ee7 and Ahmed El Ghandour are going down, and it’s because of the so-called “fans”.

This man has been making content since 2014, he’s only 27 years old, and everyone has been making it difficult for anyone to work with him. 

We get it; there’s a price for fame, but just let the guy be for a minute. 

We stand by Ahmed El Ghandour and Da7ee7, and we ask for anyone who knows him who read this, give him a hug for us. He needs it!

And finally, let us remind you that the boycotting campaign was started by Rassd News, and we’re honestly baffled that people still listen to what they say,

What do you think?


Written by Raghda El-Sayed

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the crazy cat lady your mother warned you not to become!

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  1. Wow, people’s tendency to turn educational content into a political debate never ceases to baffle me! ?‍♂️
    What’s so wrong with working with an Israeli company, anyway? Behind the scenes, everyone works with everyone in the name of self-interest, so why the holier-than-thou attitude when it comes to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? My employer is Israeli, and he’s the best employer I’ve ever worked with — unlike Arab employers who are immature self-entitled numbskulls. Does that make him a villain because of the BS that’s going on with Palestine, and Israel? GET REAL! This mob mentality is one of the reasons Arabs always fail to get their priorities straight. Focus on bettering yourself as an individual, and leave politics to politicians. Conflict seeking, and stirring up drama out of thin air is a clear sign of immaturity, and attention-seeking, and seriously, people really need to grow the fuck up, and stop discouraging content creators, and vilifying them. Ahmed El-Ghandour is a national treasure, and it’s fucked up to see Arabs calling him a traitor although his content doesn’t have anything to do with politics. *Mic drop*

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