Nawal El Saadawi: 90 Years a Controversial Antihero!

A forever advocate of women’s rights died today at the age of 90

Why We Should Celebrate Nawal El Saadawi While Mourning Her Death

Nawal El Saadawi has made a lot of changes in the Arab world. She is an Egyptian feminist writer, physician, and psychiatrist.

She’s best known for her controversial writings and her defense of women’s rights!

Her controversial writings and books covered the taboos of the Arab world; for example, covering prostitution, sexuality, and female genital mutilation (FGM)!

Nawal El Saadawi: The Simone De Beauvoir of The Arab World!

People always relate to her and describes her as the Simone De Beauvoir of the Arab world!

However, she never liked this description as she views herself as more radical than Beauvoir.

Besides, Beauvoir always said that she was dominated by her husband, while, Saadawi was proudly living alone and divorced all three of her husbands!

Nawal El Saadawi received many death threats!

Due to her controversial opinions and writings, people threatened her and threatened her life to death!

Her opinions brought many problems to her; however, She stood next to her ideologies and never backed down!

She was even jailed countless times, and because they feared her ideologies, they didn’t give her a pen and a paper in her cell; they were dangerous than a gun to them!

She made many enemies during her life due to her thoughts!

She fought FGM throughout her life, and because of her, it’s now banned and forbidden!

She fought patriarchal oppression across the countries; she made quite changes in the Arab world.

She said that at the age of 10, she was forced to dress up and serve coffee for her prospective husband; she ended up pouring hot water on him!

She was born a true fighter and a hero!

Her parents forbid her from education, but she fought them and continued her education in medicine and psychiatry.

She even had an impressive philosophy about death and loneliness!

In this video, Saadawi describes how our fear of death doesn’t exist cause how we fear something we don’t feel it?

Also, she explains in this video that she lived all her life alone and was never afraid of loneliness!

Some of her powerful quotes!

“I have had a dream since I was a child. A very mad dream, but very simple – to change the world”

” I don’t fear death, I have triumphed over both life and death because I no longer desire to live, nor do I any longer fear to die.”

“They said, “You are a savage and dangerous woman.” I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous”

“She is free to do what she wants, and free not to do it”

“Solidarity between women can be a powerful force of change, and can influence future development in ways favourable not only to women but also to men”

“What we require is not a formal return to tradition and religion, but a rereading, a reinterpretation, of our history that can illuminate the present and pave the way to a better future”

“Yet not for a single moment did I have any doubts about my own integrity and honor as a woman. I knew that my profession had been invented by men, and that men were in control of both our worlds, the one on earth, and the one in heaven”

“اليس هذا المجتمع الذي يذيع أغاني الحب والغرام هو نفسه المجتمع الذي ينصب المشنقة لكل من وقع في الحب والغرام؟”

“ليس في الخطأ ضعف أو غباء ولكن الاستمرار في الخطأ هو الضعف والغباء”

Nawal El Saadawi didn’t believe that anyone could hand a women her rights; a woman must stand for and fight for her own rights!

We lost a true feminist icon and a true fighter for women’s rights today!

But she inspired many women that’ll continue fighting, and her legacy will live forever smashing the patriarchy!

Dear Nawal El Saadawi, May your soul rest in peace and power!

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Written by Reem Tarek

Living my life trying to get out of the bottleneck

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Egyptian Feminist Icon Nawal El Saadawi Passes at age 90

Egyptian Feminist Icon Nawal El Saadawi Passes age 90

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