Why Black Friday is Every Customer Service Agent’s Living Hell

While you’re enjoying the crazy sales in black Friday, your customer service agent is being tortured

Black Friday

Black Friday is such an incredible time of the year, we jump on every possible chance to grab this super sale, and we are filled with ecstasy and excitement as we purchase and consume.

But once something goes wrong, we rush up calling the customer service to solve any online purchase complications.

When we call customer service, we usually feel outraged, and we express this anger on the person on the other end of the phone. But do we ever consider that this person is already under unbearable pressure during black Friday?

In black Fridays, the customer service agents are being abused by their employers.

I worked before for some mega online shopping company in Egypt, one of the biggest in the world, and during black Fridays, they used to make us work overtime.

The overall working hours during black Fridays were 12 hours per day, six days per week for 30 days.

And we couldn’t just say no. It’s either you take it, or you are fired. And some of us couldn’t afford to be fired, so we sucked it up and allowed our employer to abuse us.

Are you familiar with this? Has this ever happened to you at any workplace in Egypt?

These crazy working hours were absolute torture, especially when it goes for a whole month in a row.

Black Fridays working day is no picnic. It can be a real hell.

With excessive numbers of purchases on the website, the systems are susceptible to break down and getting the process under control can easily go so messy, and that’s why a lot of mistakes and complications happen.

From there, the customer services hell starts to burn up. Now thousands of angry shoppers are calling because their online purchases went wrong somehow.

Imagine that the overwhelming numbers of purchases are breaking a mechanical system, how would it affect a biological system AKA human beings?

With more 150 calls to be handled within one working day, these people are so fragile, so exhausted and they are pretty much on edge.

The customer service agent on the other end of the line is actually a human being.

He or she are real people, with feelings and the anger you are pouring on them is affecting them badly.

Now we understand that you are angry, we lived this anger so many times, but you need to remember that this is not their mistake, it’s the company mistake and they are just employees.

They are not wizards and witches; they can’t make things happen.

They are trying to help you as far as they can within their limits as employees.

The company allows them to assist you within specific limitations that they cannot go beyond. So instead of yelling and shouting and express your full anger at them, try to be patient with them.

Make sure that you are not abusing them as their employers are doing.

Be understanding and accept the fact that what angered you is not their fault and their employers are using them as a boxing bag for angry customers like you. Don’t punch so hard and treat them as human beings. Please!

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Written by Ahmed Dahabi


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