3 Years of PIE: Revolutionizing Global Real Estate with Innovation and Expertise

3 Years of PIE: Revolutionizing Global Real Estate with Innovation and Expertise

PIE Properties, a leader in the global real estate sector, celebrates three years of innovative success in bridging the gap between developers and investors for profitable and sustainable investments. Established in 2021, PIE Properties has rapidly risen to prominence in the real estate industry, reshaping it on a global scale.

Under the dynamic leadership of CEO Hassan Sadek, PIE Properties has harnessed cutting-edge technology and insightful data analytics to revolutionize both the real estate business and the client experience. The company’s mission is to offer bespoke top-tier services and provide unrestricted access to prime global destinations, establishing PIE as the premier real estate advisory and digital platform.

Over these three years, PIE Properties has curated an impressive global portfolio, granting clients access to over 1,000 real estate projects in hot destinations including the UAE, UK, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, and Greece. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its partnerships with over 200 esteemed global real estate developers, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality residential and commercial projects.

PIE Properties excels with a comprehensive suite of services. It offers expert real estate advisory, connecting investors and homebuyers with premier global real estate options. The company also offers property management, mortgage, and immigration services through its strong alliances around the world. Furthermore, the company’s marketing collaboration services, including on-ground events with partner developers and digital lead generation campaigns, have paved the way to its growing success.

The company’s state-of-the-art mobile app and user-friendly website provide a seamless user experience. Clients can effortlessly explore project profiles, locate developments on the interactive map, and stay updated with global market news. As the ultimate marketplace for off-plan property developments, PIE Properties eliminates geographical barriers, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions.

PIE’s dedication to client satisfaction is reflected in its glowing testimonials from clients worldwide. Having reached over 20,000 international investors through global marketing initiatives, PIE Properties has become the trusted partner for high-net-worth individuals seeking to enhance their lifestyle and protect their wealth through international real estate investments.

Looking to the future, PIE Properties is poised for further growth and expansion. By the end of 2024, the company aims to venture into at least 15 new markets, broadening the spectrum of opportunities for its clients. The Partner Development Program is set to strengthen bonds with real estate developers, fostering collaborative and innovative marketing strategies.

As a responsible corporate entity, PIE Properties is deeply committed to a sustainable future. The company actively pursues partnerships with developers who prioritize eco-friendly practices, endorses sustainable investments, and integrates environmental considerations into its consultancy services.

On this remarkable occasion of its third anniversary, PIE Properties extends heartfelt gratitude to its global community and eagerly anticipates future ventures in revolutionizing the world of real estate.

About PIE Properties:

PIE Properties, a world-class global real estate firm, specializes in connecting developers with investors. Driven by the mission to revolutionize the real estate business and client experience, PIE Properties offers unparalleled services, a comprehensive portfolio of prestigious developments, and advanced digital solutions. The company is dedicated to providing profitable and sustainable investment opportunities while reshaping the global real estate landscape. For more information, visit www.pie.properties.

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