Why You Should know Christiane Baissary: The Brave War Reporter Who’s Getting Bullied on Twitter

Why You Should know Christiane Baissary: The Brave War Reporter Who's Getting Bullied on Twitter

Memes and trends have been an important part of our lives on social media, and people are using them to make fun of everything. But unfortunately, many people just share those trends without knowing the true story behind them, which helps take things out of context.

One of these latest incidents was on Twitter which included a short clip of a war reporter covering the Ukrainian and Russian war asking, “what’s going on?

The tweet went viral, with many making fun of her question and assuming the answer was “this is a war.” However, the clip was later taken by many, and many people on Twitter started belittling the reporter, with most comments leaning towards the misogynistic route.

The comments event went as far as joking about how she should have been killed, which is not remotely funny in a career like this. Or in any career, for that matter.

The main problem is that the person who cut that clip must have seen the full one and knew how serious the reporter’s situation was and how, in context, the question made sense. Yet he chose to turn a woman covering a war into a joke.

So don’t let the memes take you out of context, and let’s know what happened with her and why we should honor her, not bully her!

What really happened with Christiane Baissary

During the news coverage by the Al Arabiya channel, there was live coverage on the borders of a Ukrainian city that was being at that moment, invaded by the Russian army to occupy. The live coverage was by the reporter Christiane Baissary.

During the coverage, Christiane was standing in the ranks of the Ukrainian soldiers at the same time as the Russian armored vehicles passed through the city to convey what was happening to the audience.

Also, Christiane Baissary asked one of the Ukrainian soldiers whether the coming tanks were for the Russians to assure the information she said on the live coverage, and he confirmed her claims.

She then tried to hide behind the Ukrainian soldiers, but they told her that it was not safe to hide from the clashes. So she decided to continue covering and making the news by going straight to the road that the Russian tanks used to invade the city, risking her life for the sake of excellent coverage.

Christiane was also invited to a phone interview with Amr Adeeb, who was congratulating her for the brave work, and where she got to explain in detail the situation.

The question was literally about her life and safety, yet people decided to let the bullying party starts!

Someone watching Christiane’s live coverage decided to trim the coverage to the part when she asked the soldiers to post it on Twitter and make it fun.

People then started retweeting it and sharing it with their friends, saying that they would have killed her if they were in the Ukrainian soldier’s place as they consider her question doesn’t make sense.

Forgetting the most important part, which was to search for the full coverage to know the story!

People need to know what they’re making fun of first before bullying Christiane Baissary who risked her life for a great coverage.

We’re sure that if those who shared the trimmed part of the video had seen the full one before sharing, they wouldn’t have shared it.

But why are we sure of this? because

Why You Should know Christiane Baissary: The Brave War Reporter Who's Getting Bullied on Twitter

1- Christiane is super brave.

If anyone were in her place, he’d have left the area of conflict once he saw the Russian tanks invading the city. But Christiane preferred to be at the actual point of the clashes to convey the best and the most accurate picture of what is happening.

2- She is sincere and diligent in her work.

Christiane Baissary’s survival instinct did not stop her from making the news. Even when she felt the danger and decided to hide, once she noticed that the danger surrounded them and there was no chance to hide in a safe place, she went directly to complete her work.

3- She is making the news, not covering it.

Christiane Baissary could have stayed safe and gathered the news from different sources at the points of clashes, but she preferred going straight to the end of action where war was happening to convey an actual picture of the reality there. 

Not only that but talking with the soldiers in that area to show how they were feeling while getting ready to defend their country.

See? people who shared the trending video blindly without searching for the true story missed all these facts about what Christiane Baissary really did. She made us proud!

Finally, we hope that people one day be aware of what they’re sharing on social media and always look for the true story behind every trending video before sharing it, like this one which was made to make fun of a brave girl risked her life to cover a war!

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Written by Omar Bakry

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