A Look At The Premiere Night of Awlad Harim Karim Film

The Premiere Night of Awlad Harim Karim Film with the Attendance of Celebrities18

Ahead of its release in Egyptian cinemas on the 30th of August, iProductions held the premiere night of Awlad Harim Karim. Written by Zeinab Aziz, Awlad Harim Karim is directed by Ali Idris. The film stars Moustafa Amar, Amr Abdel Gelil, Bushra, Basma, Dalia El Behairy, Khaled Sarhan, Ola Ghanem, Tayam Amar, Rana Raes, and Hana Dawood.

Stars and makers of Awlad Harim Karim celebrated the premiere night of the film amidst the attendance of celebrities, press, and public figures at VOX Cinemas Mall of Egypt. The film tells the love story between Karim Hussein and Ayla. When he proposes to marry her, his father, Karim Al-Husseini, discovers that he is the son of his former colleague and ex-lover Maha. They then rekindle their old friendship with their two friends Hala and Dina.

iProductions was founded in 2013 and has a track record of film and TV productions that have received numerous awards. The company has participated in various international film festivals with many films of its production, such as The Guest (2018), which won eight awards; and Gunshot (2018), that received two awards and took part in seven international film festivals, in addition to be Egypt’s Official Submission to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2017, iProductions produced Sheikh Jackson film that also was Egypt’s Official Submission to the 2018 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, in addition to touring seven prestigious film festivals around the world. The company’s films list also includes; Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016) that won more than 20 awards from 11 international film festivals; and Mawlana (2016) that won six awards from nine international film festivals. For TV, iProductions produced a number of dramas, includes: Sadeq El Omr (2014), Al-Saba’ Wasaya (2014), Afrah Al Qobba (2016), Le’bat Al Nesyan (2020), Qasr El Nil (2021), and Qaid Majhol (2021).

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