4 Things about Matkhafeesh App, the New Anti-Harassment App

Salma Medhat Shaaban and Ahmed Rihan launch an anti-harassment application called “Matkhafeesh”

matkhafeesh app

Most people in Egypt now are more aware of the sexual harassment cases that happen every day. We have a lot of awesome people, like Assault Police, doing everything to raise awareness and protect the women who had to deal with sexual harassment.

Two more heroes have stepped, and they are ready to make a difference. Salma Medhat Shaaban and Ahmed Rihan have launched a mobile application named Matkhafeesh app that offers a lot of helpful features that work towards anti-harassment.

The Matkhafeesh app offers four main features that make A LOT of difference

Let’s see what life-saving ideas those two extraordinary people have come up with.

1- Sending out an SOS Feature

The app lets you choose a group of your trusted contacts that you can immediately reach if you sense that you are in danger. All you have to do is press the volume button with the power button, and it will instantly send your SOS with your current location. It’s a very effective way to know someone’s always got you.

2- Legal Advice and Support

Girls are often scared to seek legal help when it comes to harassment and extortion. This feature gives you a list of experienced lawyers who can assist you with anything you want in total secrecy.

3- Harassment Map

As a woman, I often feel unsafe going to places all on my own, especially ones I have never gone before. This feature actually shows users the areas where harassment usually happens and how safe are they.

How do they know that you may ask? Suppose you have experienced sexual harassment in a specific place. In that case, you can log in on the application (anonymously), and this helps them keep track of most sites in Egypt where harassment is most popular.

4- Psychological Support

Needless to say, sexual harassment and extortion often take a toll on the mental health of the victims. This app offers resources on how and where to get the psychological help you need with specialised people at a low price.

These are the most important and known features about this app, right now. They are also sharing anonymous stories of sexual harassment victims to raise awareness everywhere.

On behalf of all the Egyptian women and girls, I would like to thank those two beautiful humans for working tirelessly to ensure our safety. It feels great to know there are still some incredible people in the world. The application is now available on Google Play Store and will soon be available on Apple Store.

Application on Google Play and Facebook Page.

Source: The Women of Egypt

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