El-Shai.com: Full Guide for 2021 on How to Get Published

El-Shai.com is a content hub for everyone, and we aim to be the biggest writing and creative community in Egypt. We want to be built on contributions from anyone to everyone, and we will remain a no-pitch editorial content hub.


Whether you want to share your opinion, identity, your art, or just publish a fun quiz for everyone, El-Shai.com is your place to be.

However, we have some basic rules and guidelines that must be followed before getting published at El-Shai.com.

  • You must register and upload your own content. Articles submitted via emails will be disregarded. Only contact us via email if you have a request or an inquiry at contributions@el-shai.com.

Sign up to El-Shai.com

  • Not all submissions will be accepted. If the submission violates any of our rules or feels like it’s not up to standard, we will have to decline. We could, however, offer feedback if requested.
  • All submissions have to be exclusive to El-Shai.com.
  • All Submissions will be edited to fit our standards.
  • Read our style guide before writing your article.


  • ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICS! This is an entertainment content hub with no space for your political statements.
  • No promotions. If you’re interested in promoting your business, contact our marketing team at info@el-shai.com.
  • Only Arabic and English posts are accepted. This is, however, a temporary thing until our team grows and we can find French editors.
  • Goes without saying, but plagiarism and copying content will get you banned.
  • Suppose you’re a PR professional and trying to subtly promote your client, عيب. Instead, please contact us at info@el-shai.com.

What can you publish on El-Shai.com?

  • El-Shai is a place for all sorts of editorial and entertaining posts. Through El-Shai.com, you’re able to post in several formats to fit your content best.

Formates to use for your posts:

  1. Story. Best for text stories, similar to WordPress posts.
  2. Open List. For images and/or embeds. Users can contribute by submitting new items. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  3. Ranked List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  4. Classic List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. List author sets ranking (order).
  5. Trivia Quiz. For quick yes/no quiz.
  6. Personality Quiz. For a test to know who/what are you similar to.
  7. Classic Poll. For one or multiple questions about a subject or person.
  8. Versus Poll. For a poll where each question has two competing answers.
  9. Hot or Not Poll. For a poll where each question has two opposite answers.
  10. Meme. For a funny image with top and bottom texts.
  11. Audio. For single audio.
  12. Video. For a single video.
  13. Image. For a single image.
  14. Gallery. Best for photo stories.
  15. Embed. For a single YouTube, Twitter, Instagram content.

Sharing Your Art?

Again, as a content hub, sharing your art is always welcomed. However, don’t just come and throw in your portfolio and leave.

  • We do not allow portfolios, but rather art projects.
  • Your art project needs to have a written story to accompany it.
  • By that, we mean the inspiration behind the project, a description, and most importantly, full credits.
  • If you are publishing a collaborative project, it’s your responsibility to ensure all the team is okay with the content getting published. If we receive any complaints about someone on the team, you will be banned.

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