Poetry: Hopeless

Poetry: Hopeless

Poetry: Hopeless

A cold night or two

I can see some of my why not come true

I think of that scary horrible night

where I close my eyes and feel terrified

Lost with that feeling with no fight

How can a person be so hopeless

For no reason but worthless

I can hold my breath

I can hold my hands

To cool down that mess

A mess of a soul asking for some clarity

A mess of a life with no hope

That mess might be aware of that girl’s life

And she will leave those rooms asking

Asking and not hoping for answers

Cause no hope

No acting up and no route

That story will end

With no hope and not even a thing

A silly person with a foolish smile

Asking for people to consider and care

And she would laugh at her own life with no hope

Why is life hard on her?

Hard on heart that can fly and tell

Her soul is questioning every skill

How can they look that ill

Maybe cause there is no hope still

By: Poetry Hole

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