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How Marwan Pablo’s Latest Concert was a Complete Disaster!

We were all excited about Marwan Pablo’s concert, especially since it was his first concert after his comeback but let me tell you it...

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Carlos Queiroz Announced as Egypt’s New Head Coach; Here’s What You Need To Know About Him

The Egyptian FA has confirmed that Carlos Queiroz will be the new manager of the national team. Now here is everything you need to know about...

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Cairokee X Red Bull Symphonic Concert Songs Released, and a 60 Minutes Cinematic Film Coming Soon

Red Bull are releasing 10 songs of the Cairokee x Red Bull symphonic concert on their Youtube channel! Red Bull Symphonic is where classical meets...

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What’s Happening in Afghanistan, and How Can We Help?

On Sunday, the Taliban took another step toward consolidating control of Afghanistan, capturing the presidential palace in Kabul just hours after former President Ashraf...

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AlRawabi School for Girls No Spoilers Review: Is it just another chick-flick, or something more?

Let me start my review with a confession. I have expected little from the series, and I expected it to handle the topic discussed...

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