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Fell Victim to Twitter’s Mass Suspension? Here’s why it happened!

If you're on Twitter, you probably noticed that your number of followers decreased, and several people you know, or even yourself, got suspended.  Funny enough,...

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Twitter Spaces: All Accounts with 600+ Followers can now Host a Space, and Here’s How!

Last year, Twitter introduced the world to live audio conversations with Spaces. Testing was rolled out across the platform to limited audiences, to add...

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Twitter in Ramadan: Ramadan-themed audio conversations and Hashtag-Triggered Emojis

This year, over 10 million Tweets were monitored about Ramadan in the 30 days leading into the holy month. With Ramadan underway, Twitter launched...

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Should World Leaders be Subjected to Same Rules as Us on Social Media? Twitter is Asking!

Two years ago, Twitter explained its principles and approach to world leaders on the platform. Today, Twitter is calling for the public’s input on...

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هاشتاج “كلمة للرئيس بصوتك” تريند على تويتر

انتشر خلال الساعات الأخيرة على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي "تويتر"، هاشتاج جديد باسم "كلمة للرئيس بصوتك"، وجاءت التويتات الخاصة بالهاشتاج مدعمة لسيادة الرئيس وتدعوه للاستمرار...

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