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Are Your Houseplants Picking Up The Good Vibrations? Cause Spotify Data Shows Music for Plants is On The Rise In Egypt!

While in-person events may not have flourished during the pandemic, one passion that seems to have genuinely laid down roots across the world this...

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Spotify Reveal Top streamed Egyptian Artists Globally on Africa Day 2021!

Can you guess who are the top streamed Egyptian artists globally? What about the top streamed African artists? Spotify reveals everything for Africa Day! Music...

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Get ready for Spotify’s first RADAR MENA x Korea collaboration with Bader AlShuaibi and AleXa

Spotify announced its third RADAR collaboration in the MENA region, bringing together artists of two cultures united by their love for K-Pop. The collaboration will...

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Spotify Announces Second RADAR MENA Collaboration with Viral Chart-Topper

In March 2020, Spotify launched RADAR, an emerging artist program spotlighting rising talent worldwide. From Germany to Japan, Brazil to the MENA region and...

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Spotify Hosts Its 1st Women-Only Masterclass With Legendary Latifa

Spotify is hosting its first-ever, female-only masterclass on March 21, with the aim to educate creators about Spotify For Artists. Emphasizing playlists and artist...

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