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ازاي احمد بسام زكي طلع براءة؟ جبنالك كل التفاصيل

الحكاية بدأت من ان الطالب المتحرش احمد بسام زكي كان بيبعت صور جنسية لبنتين بغرض اثبات تفوقه الجنسي ليهم و كان التواصل بغير رضاهم...

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McDonald’s is Having its 2nd Round of In-Store Training for People with Autism in Egypt, and Here’s Why It’s Important!

Adults with autism are less likely than other people with disabilities to find employment after graduation in Egypt, due to the lack of awareness...

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Film Director Khaled Youssef is Back in Egypt After 2 Years, and We Got Some Questions

In his films, Khaled Youssef always addressed authoritarianism, lack of social justice, poverty, religious intolerance, corruption, restrictions on the freedom of thoughts and opinion,...

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ملخص مشاكل شيكابالا مع اتحاد الكرة: قال ايه مع عمرو اديب؟

خناقات الكورة مبتخلصش و التعصب مستمر بسبب سوء التنظيم و التصرف وقت الازمات. طب ايه اخر مشاكل الكورة؟ ايه اللي خلا الناس تتكلم فجأة...

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7 Things you Should Know About Salem Express; The Real Tragic Story Behind Mako

The film Mako has been breaking the Egyptian box office numbers, and everyone seems to be talking about it. While Mako is an entertaining...

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