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O West Partners with El-Gouna Film Festival To Support CineGouna Starting December 2021

A live screening of selected films from the sixth edition of El-Gouna Film Festival in Cairo. Organizing workshops and lectures for CineGouna Platform from...

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سي سينما تدعم بهية بعرض فيلم الإنس والنمس

نظمت سينما سي سينما أرابيلا بالتعاون مع مستشفى بهية، عرضاً خاصًا لفيلم الإنس و النمس لمريضات السرطان، في إطار شهر التوعية بمرض سرطان الثدي،...

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Short Film Cai-Ber Screening Tonight at El-Gouna Film Festival 5th edition

Directed by Ahmed Abdelsalam, Cai-Ber is screening tonight at El-Gouna Film Festival as a part of the Short Film Competition. Its story centers around “Nour,”...

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My Experience with High Functioning Depression

High functioning depression is one of the most complicated types of depression to recognize because it looks normal to the person and others. In...

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Hello, this is Nour, 24. I study Mass com. Been a Content writer for almost 6 years. Cooking and spirituality bring me peace.


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