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Phi Yen: A Vietnamese Bellydancer Was Murdered in Egypt, and, as always, the Media Dealt with it Horribly!

On July 24th, 2021, news of the Brazillian bellydancer Lurdiana's murder started circulating, only to have Lurdiana herself deny them on social media. Sadly,...

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Mona Ahmed Zaher and Selim Mostafa Don’t Represent Gender Roles; They’re Just Kids!

The guys at Gossips interviewed the little stars of the "Leh Laa 2" series, Mona Ahmed Zaher and Selim Mostafa, in which they made...

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How did Zeinab Ghareeb’s Harassment Incident Unfold? Here’re the “Lessons Learned”

Actress Zeinab Ghareeb, one of "B100 Wesh" stars, recently shared her sexual harassment story on her Instagram page. Lucky for her, her harasser was held...

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Celebrating the Best Form of Art with the Artist CZNBurak

What's the best form of art, you ask? It's food! Duh. Admit it, last year, you pretended to be a superb chef baking cake in...

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Dear Parents, Your Kids Are NOT Your Therapists

I understand that as teens, we always want to be there for our parents. They have done so much for us, and we want...

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