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Yama Fel Gerab Ya Hawy

Yama Fel Gerab Ya Hawy

In the atmosphere of the exciting ” Alf Leila wa Leila ” , our story revolves around “Shehata” the funnyresourceful beggar, that was arrested in a robbery accident and led to ” Al Moataser ” who orders hishand to be cut off, but he changes his mind in the last minute and decides to use “Shehata” to kill theCaliph. The task of killing the Caliph turns into a journey full of surprises, its events escalate andintertwine in a breathtaking manner that provokes laughter and tears , and “Shehata” is always havinga way for every impasse.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule


9 - 12


9 - 12


Thu Aug 2021


9:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The_Marquee-Cairo Show
Cairo Festival City
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