El-Shai.com is Hiring!

Finally, after long months of our launch, El-Shai is growing, and we’re now looking for part-time content creators!

Launched in September of 2020 as a result of Covid-19 and lockdown boredom, El-Shai grew thousands of followers, many of whom have been loyal since the start, as well as a solid reputation in the market.

We’ve depended on our interns’ contributions, but it’s now time we find a fulltime member to join!

Before you apply, please make sure you read the whole post.

Job Description:

At El-Shai, content creation means both finding news and delivering it uniquely. 

We use several platforms, including our main website (El-Shai.com), Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin, and we’re planning on expanding even further.

We are now aiming to provide content exclusively made for each platform to fit its users.

Best part? This is a remote job. Creative work and offices don’t mix!

We all work from home and will be depending on Zoom meetings and weekly face-to-face meetings.

Job Requirement:

  1. Previous experience is a MUST
  2. Time management is the key skill for the job
  3. English and Arabic writing skills
  4. You have to be proactive. To make sure you are reading the whole hiring post, tell us your favourite fruit in the email. Emails without this part will be automatically declined. We need to make sure you put effort into what you do, like reading a hiring post before applying. 
  5. Basic graphic designing knowledge (We don’t want an expert, we just want you to be able to copy/paste in a template without screwing things up)
  6. You don’t have to work exclusively for us. As long as you can manage your time, we’re okay with it. However, if you work for another media platform, we will need a letter from your employer to make sure there will be no conflict from their side.
  7. We’re still considered a young brand, so whoever joins has to want to stick around while growing. 
  8. COMMITMENT, COMMITMENT, COMMITMENT. If you agree on a deadline, you submit your work on the deadline. If you can’t, don’t commit to it.

If you think you have what it takes, email us at [email protected] with your previous work, why you want to join El-Shai, and why we should hire you!